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Levorg knock on full lock when cold


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Hi all

Last week I bought a 65 plate Levorg and am very pleased with it. However when reversing out of my driveway first thing in the morning and I turn the steering to full lock I get one of two loud clunks from the front of the car which sounds like a diff or suspension issue. I have read some reports saying this is normal for Subaru's but I find it a little odd. I cannot replicate the issue when the car is warm.

Can anyone offer any advice?



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Congratulations on your Levorg! I've had mine for 2 1/2 year s and I'm very happy with it (although it is thirsty, so what it must be like to run a WRX or similar beggars belief!)

Anyway, I had a loud clunk when reversing mine onto the drive once. I put it down to there being patchy snow and ice at the side of the road and the front tyres slipping and then gripping whilst on full lock. I get very faint noises occasionally now (when it is cold and wet) when reverse on, but I think this is the block paving on the road (feature part of the estate!) and the tyres slipping slightly over the general crud in the joints (this is when it's hot, returning from work.) It doesn't clonk / knock on the uneven and in need of repair roads around here during normal driving.

Is there a kerb outside your drive? It may be slipping off the concrete and onto the tarmac and shocking (for want of a better word) the suspension. I'm still on the OE Dunlops and they are not great when it's cold and wet.

Hope this helps.

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