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Unequal length headers


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Good day all lovers of subaru I'm alex I have a 2007 Subaru legacy wagon 2.0 B-Sport non turbo but I love the boxer rumble will installing unequal length headers give me that sound or is it for turbocharged only?bb64eca4bc21b307e57bd3fcbe8fa861.jpg663a4189402c957466eee572a1a8b024.jpgfafa0510d3142ba0ff0a79307dfac939.jpg8bf7fb3e5afd49ec9200d3e67c479aad.jpga368c27b3ccfa34b260d5014b15a6b0e.jpg


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Wotcha and welcome - UEL headers do give the boxer rumble however on an NA motor I do not know how it will impact your running as the cylinder vs header length is important due to waves of back pressure. The back pressure is not important on a turbo setup, you may end up with a flat spot in the rev range

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