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Help with new purchase choices please.


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Hi guys I am returning to this Forum after a long break from Subaru Ownership.

A little bit about my intentions. I have decided to give up the boring diesel sensible hat and consider buying another STI. That's the easy bit now the dilemma!!

I have only ever owned a Classic STI and Bug Eye STI with the 2.0 engine which I loved!!

I am looking for a pristine example only I can keep garaged and use for fun days and the odd show maybe.

I initially was going to buy a new 2016-2017 STI I went to a local dealer who had a grey one in the showroom and I loved it!! Really nice as a daily driver.

However, I am very worried about buying a 2.5 due to the weak piston rings and really don't want any big issues or worries.

Therefore, I thought I might look for an older model in mint condition. This is my options with 2.0 engines.

1 )UK spec Blobeye 2.0 2004 or 2005.

Things I like are the Subaru burble I really like!!

Things I am not sure of is how strong the UK 2.0 engines are compared to the 2.5 or JDM.

2) JDM spec Blobeye 2004 with only 24000 miles in Blue.

Things I like are the colour, super low miles and JDM reliability and strength.

Things I don't like is the lack of Subaru burble.

3) JDM spec Hawk Eye Spec C with only 45000 miles in silver.

Things I like is the shape of the Hawkeye and the reliability and strength on engine.

Things I am not sure of are the Spec C been worth it for my use. I don't like the fact the side skirts are removed and obviously the sound with lack of burble.

What is your guys opinions of the above three options. The JDM Blobeye and JDM Hawkeye Spec C listed above are actual cars I am considering. The UK Blobeye I would need to find a mint low mileage example.

Would you guys rather have the 2004 24k miles blue JDM Blobeye or the 2006 45k miles silver Hawkeye JDM Spec C.


Or would you look for a mint low mileage UK Blobeye with the typical Rumble sound.

I would love to hear some useful honest opinions please. How strong is the UK 2.0 compared to the JDM? Do they have similar internals other than headers and twin scroll turbo? Are they safe to mod compared to the JDM?

Just to put you in the picture I will not be tracking the car only using it for quick fun B road blasts and shows etc. I am looking at tuning up to 350-400bhp max really as it is enough for me on the road and I want it to be 100% reliable.

What's your thoughts.

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Spec c hawk for me if you want it for occasional use and shows - its limited run gives it more show appeal.

The burble is an easy fix - unequal length headers, if not in place already and a de resonated exhaust will get that back for you

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