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2003 Forester - Window stopped working after intermittent function


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First time posting and have no idea if anyone is out there, here it goes.  

I've had my 2003 Forester 2.5X for about 3 years.  About a year ago the driver side front window would stop working for a while, and then start working for a while.  It was always a surprise when it started working.  It did this for about 4 months and now it is totally dead.  I don;t remember it slowing down just working totally or not working at all!  

I am thinking it is the motor but I don't know if intermittent function is indicative of anything.  Any insight would be much appreciated!  

Cheers and happy driving!  

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Wotcha and welcome - As it did not gradually fail but worked intermittently this sounds more electrical to me - pull the door panel, check the switch connections and cables going through  the door plus connections to the motor. A 12v supply directly to the motor connections will rule the motor out and a multi meter or 12v light on a wire to earth on one side of the switch with a 12v live to the other side will tell you if the switch is faulty. The same 'flying lead' (with light) connected between the 12v supply and a bare metal connection to the car (door frame etc) will tell you if you have a 12v supply in place  

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