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SG Forester Won't Start- Immobiliser PIN Doesn't Work

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I got in my (2005, SG) Forester today, went to press the button on the key as usual after turning it in the ignition and nothing happened. I got out, tried to lock/unlock using the key button and nothing happened. I went and replaced the Battery in the key (only have one key, no spare), but this didn't fix it.

I went and got the paperwork for the immobiliser, which showed the 4 digit pin. When I put the first digit of the pin into the keypad, the LED flashed a lot as if it didn't like each number I put in. I tried putting the pin in with the key turned in the ignition, still nothing. I also tried putting the pin in with the key out of the ignition- this time the LED flashed once each time i put the number in (like it says it should in the immobiliser instructions) but the car still wouldn't start.


I can't see what i'm doing wrong and can't imagine anyone having changed the code, though it is a possibility.


Any advice on what to try here? It's infuriating that the pin won't work in the keypad- am i doing this right?

Is there any way of testing what's going on with the key?


Edit: The car locked and unlocked with the key in the door lock, but the alarm didn't activate at any point.





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Hi I managed to get the pin code confirmed from my local Subaru dealership (with x2 forms of photographic ID and the V5), fortunately it had not been changed

Pin entry should be a straight punch in the number to disable - no symbols # etc before or after

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