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Impreza 09 RX Owner


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Hi all, just introducing myself, im Chris from somerset, just purchased an 09 2.0 RX model Impreza. Used to have a great Corolla T Sport that i parted with towards the end of its life and had a 98 Jeep Wrangler for the last 8 Months. Well that was silly as the MPG on that puts most cars on the road to shame and it was just not practical or fun to drive more than 5 miles in it, especially motorway driving. Managed to free myself of that just before Christmas and wanted a WRX, but couldn't justify the high road tax cost, and i wanted something on the cheaper side with low mileage (not to mention i had enough of crappy MPG with the Jeep), luckily i found found a nice low mileage RX near Birmingham. Drove it home today and had a blast. Its not as fast as my old TSport but its filling the gap it left and is very smooth. Annoyingly the car seems like it has been sat for some time, and has only done about 800 odd miles in the last three years (with it being advertised as "only serviced 750 miles ago"). Still it was a good deal and i look forward to driving it more. 

Mostly joined for the odd technical issue, part purchasing and advice. 




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Wotcha and welcome - I also have an RX, The daft thing is the WRX is slightly more economical on the old petrol but you have less moving parts so less to go wrong. Feel free to post pictures etc all friendly on here

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Yeah the MPG seems to be a mixed bag when i researched it, i do think however i couldn't stop myself from having a bit too much fun if i had gotten the WRX. Ill get some pictures up later today, bit too dark by the time i got home yesterday. Cheers

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