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09 Impreza RX Touchscreen questions

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Hi all, just purchased an 09 Impreza RX with the touchscreen headunit. Not used to having the MPG shown and really appreciate it where my previous cars had aftermarket single din units. My question is about blutooth connectivity. I Had purchased the car with the understanding that blutooth came standard on the touchscreen models, but it seems that i am wrong, and annoyingly the car i have has old RCA connectors in the armrest for the DVD player functionality. Ideally i do not want to go third party as i want to keep the trip computer, but can anybody advise on if a blutooth model can be purchased and if its a straight swap, or if there are any connectors that enable the blutooth function. 



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Hi do you not have mpg displayed in the small unit above the touch screen towards the windscreen?

Bluetooth is for phone connection only on this model with various interfaces for external units eg ipod or RCA as you have - do you also have the multi cd player under the drivers seat?

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No CD Changer under the seat and i also have the MPG next to the clock in the upper display. I Have seen videos online of people connecting their phones and having a phone option on the menu screen, however i do not have that at all. I Tried using an RCA to 3.5 jack, however the only issue i found is that i cannot seem to have both the mpg display AND RCA audio playing. 

I Have seen that there was a blutooth mic that was an optional extra, apparently released shortly after the car came out. I Cannot seem to find much info of the operation of the mic, but it is listed as the blutooth kit, and an older US forum post i came across made it sound like the mic enabled the Bluetooth functionality. Annoyingly still is that i have found one for sale, but the forum post is about a kit that includes the install disc with a different part number. 

So even with blutooth, is it strictly for phone call usage only, am i right in thinking no music can be played? 

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The mic in mine is wired in as part of a hands free telephone kit - I do not know if this activates the Bluetooth element or not sorry.

WRT the screen & RCA I can connect an audio device via a convertor and after you have select aux as an input you then select the info button on the right hand side to get the mpg back on the screen

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12 hours ago, ChrisN34 said:

Thanks for clearing that up, real shame the higher end option didnt include bluetooth whereas the standard radio did. Cheers for the help

Not sure the standard radio did was a pretty basic radio and cd unit, I have one on a shelf somewhere from a previous upgrade, ill see if I can get it wired up to a Battery I have lying around and test it, mind you I may even have a manual around to check first....

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This is the lower spec unit - it does not have Bluetooth capability.

There are plenty of aftermarket units - used examples that have Bluetooth.

If you do go for a double din aftermarket unit you will probably need one of these


I did buy one of these but found whilst it fitted you could not use the dial and it did not look as good as the ICP part






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