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2014 Forester Radio wiring


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Can anyone help with the wiring diagram for the head unit connector on the '14 Forester. I've a new head unit I want to install, but can't find a pin-out for it. ea64 only goes up to '11 plate models, and the Crutchfield harness doesn't include the steering controls. 

Any ideas?


Cheers in advance,


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Having done a search on the model code you provided, the main connector (White Top left on yours) looks exactly the same as mine (White Bottom right). Now whilst I would not want to make an immediate assumption they are exactly the same it may give you a starter for ten working through the pins themselves.

Mine Clarion PF2945


Yours Clarion pf- 3492



Pin out for the pf 2945 highlighted in red refers to the white connector in question - ignore the other connectors as that is for cd players etc






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On 1/17/2020 at 11:08 AM, TonyWilson said:

Cheers for that Jay, it doesn't list the model number for mine though (PF-3492). I'll keep looking, but many thanks for the help.

Hi Tony I think I am having exactly the same issue that you did. Was yours a 2014 forester non nav version? What colour were the steering wheel control wires? We’re they green on your car? Many many thanks

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Hi John.

Apologies for not replying mate, I didn't realise that you'd posted on here.

Off the top of my head I can't remember, however, I'll be pulling the head unit out later this week as I've since replaced it with a Kenwood and will be connecting a dash cam to it. If you're still needing an answer I'll check the wiring colours and let you know.

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