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I have just bought a 2010 Outback - 2.0D. Highish spec - electronic handbrake etc. 

The service book is complete up to 100K miles - and is every 12 months. I had heard that Subaru services were supposed to be every 6 months - is that just the WRX crowd then?


What do these services involve? I have always sorted my cars out myself - is there a DIY service guide? Oil and filters can't be that tricky. 

Another issue is the dipped beam - it is pretty dim by any standards - anyone got experience of upgrading the bulbs? Im pretty sure they aren't Xenon ones - nothing about that in the handbook. They should be H7 - is that right? I don't want to do a conversion - just change the bulbs. I live out in the sticks, so good headlights are a bonus.



Also, I can't change the time on the clock - the buttons to the right of it don't seem to work. Is this a common issue? I've had it before - on a Golf. You just had to disconnect and reconnect the Battery at midnight... I might try that if no-one thinks that the car will throw it's toys out of the pram.







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Try this site for alternative lights - I have used the 20Twenty brand LED alternatives and been very pleased, better than OSRAM Nightbreakers


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