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Centre console electrics not working


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Hi everyone I need some guidance on an issue I have with my car, I have a 2008 Subaru 1.5 r hatch and yesterday I’ve found an electrical fault where my radio isn’t working, the bit on the centre that tells me my mpg and time, my central locking won’t work and the light on the ceiling won’t work. I’ve tried discounting the Battery and connecting it again and checked the fuse and the fuse isn’t blown. I’m very confused as I was only setting up the mic to my radio and I never unplugged anything and I don’t hear anything blow, I have a feeling it could be a relay but what relay would it be. Tia for any help

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Which fuses have you checked - Under the bonnet and in the drivers foot well, whislt intalling teh mic it is possible you have loosened a connection or caused an earth behind the dash

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