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JDM 2004 GDB Impreza STI fuel leak


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I am a new member to the Subaru owners club and own a 2004 Impreza WRX STI (JDM). This is my first Subaru. I have owned the car for a couple of months and use it for daily driving. have already clocked in 7K miles in the 5 months that I have owned it.  I was having a lot of fun with it, but when the weather started to get a bit chilly, the issues started to come up. Sorry for my naive post. I am not really a grease monkey or mechanically minded, but just try to solve most of my problems myself.

So here is the issue.

I started smelling fuel inside the cabin while the car warmed up, found out tightening up a bunch of fuel lines fixed it. recently, the power steering pump started leaking and I ordered a replacement. While I was checking the powersteering system for air bubbles, I noticed that there was fuel leaking onto the engine. on closer inspection, I found that the injector was being sprayed with fuel really heavily. I put a bunch of towels there to soak up the leak. Since I am now scared to start the car, I couldn't get a good view of where the leak was coming from. So I have attached a couple of photos down below indicating the area of the leak.

The leak seems to be coming from above the injectors and sprays a lot of fuel onto them. I can also see a massive amount of fuel getting sprayed sideways as well.

1.  Could it be from the injector O rings, Fuel pressure regulator or one of the hoses?

2. Is there a way in which i could systematically diagnose the problem?

3. Could it be an easy fix or should I take it to a mechanic?

Any help is much appreciated




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Fuel leaking in a bay is obviously dangerous,  so if you think it's a bit beyond your skill set I'd suggest to get a trusted mechanic to look at it 

It could just be a split fuel pipe or injector o ring .

Only real way to diagnose would be to either replace everything in that area or strip out some stuff, to allow you to see exactly where the leak is coming from. 

You probably should be able to strip or move some stuff and just turn the key to the first stage when the fuel pump primes the fuel system (don't start it) .

Then hopefully you might see where it's coming from, without having the engine running. 


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Thanks for the reply @savage bulldogs. Really appreciate your advice. I did just that and took out the air box and the coolant top reservoir out of the way. Found out it’s coming out from the injector, could it be the injector Oring. Would I need to change the injectors as well?

I have cleaned the area with a rag and taken out the Battery to avoids any sparks in the engine bay. 
I have ordered a new set of injector Orings to replace for all the injectors as well.

being a JDM STI,  it seems like I will have to take off a lot of stuff to reach the injectors. Have tried looking on the Internet for any guidance, But it seems like info about JDM STIs is rare.  Are there any other Subaru models that share the same engine ancillaries that I could reference from? 

Have tried asking out some local garages, but they don’t seem too keen to work on the car. Will have to find a Subaru independent to carry out the job. 

If there are any guides/how to’s on the forums, that could be helpful too.

Hope I have my car back on the road soon.
Many thanks!


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No problem, bud .

There's not much difference between in the ej207 jdm or uk engines in a v7sti (01 to 52 plate ) unless you're talking about the spec c . So the uk ,euro ,aus sti's are probably very similar for your year ej207 too .

I rebuilt my v7sti type UK ej207 engine a few years ago and I did a build thread in the tech section on here .Although I didn't remove the injectors from the manifold or rails there's a few pics that might help you familiarise yourself with the 207 layout. 

I might be able to dig out some pics of the laptop at some point , but it's a old windows 7 one that takes ages to fire up lol .


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Thanks @savage bulldogs, this is really helpful. Your thread is very much detailed and just looking at the pictures, I can see that the layout is the same.

I will keep referring this when I work on the car. The orings should turn up next week and I hopefully should be able to start working on the car next weekend. So, since I will be replacing the power steering pump, It will help me in get access to the injectors as well. I’ll give it a try and hope it all goes well!

thank you so much for your help! 

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