Mike Binns

Very poorly McRae edition impreza.

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Hello folks. 

Recently joined the site with a hope to seek support and guidance in the rebuild of my McRae edition impreza, number 009.

Or, you might advise me to give up and steer well clear as its likely to be a total nightmare! 

009 came into my hands in April 2018 after being found in a empty silage pit of a friends farm. 

She is very rotton!!! 

Many excuses later, I am  slowly starting to find people to help with elements of body and interior restoration and companies who can support with like for like part replacements, £££££££! 

I could do with a bit of help though , as Subaru UK themselves haven't been very helpful. 

Can any of you help me in identifying imprezas, other than McRae editions, that used the same outer dark seat cloth as the McRae edition and Grey carpets?? 

I hope to have a rot free rear end coming soon, that will be pulled apart to make mine solid, but without the standard interior, it ain't going to be worth it. 






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bodywork, engine and running gear shouldn't be too bad as they are the same as a standard one.

Seats is the hard bit as your finding out, they were series mcrae only, Head rests are gonna be a nighmare to find as well i would have thought as most of them break the little plastic string type bits.


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Fortunately the seats are great, other than the outer upholstery for the upper rear seat, which has frayed in the sun! 

I am speaking with local trimmers to try and match the material, but could do with a donor seat with the same stitch pattern.

Hence my query around which models may have shared the same outer seat material????

Worst case, I finish the car and await for a Mcrae Impreza to become available for parts...... Could be a long wait mind!!!! 



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Ah right, yeah only series mcraes have them, could ask around to see if anyone localish owns one to pop down to the trimmers for them to have a look.

try here, http://www.series-mcrae.com/

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