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Overheating 2000 n/a


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2000 forester, 58000 miles,N/A

Had this car for just over 2.5yrs, when first got it it was over heating so bought all the gaskets/timing belt etc as suspected HG failure, turned out to be a blocked radiator.

However on a recent 120m trip to Lincolnshire I had to stop 3 times as it was showing 92c -102c on the digital temp gauge that I had fitted when I did the radiator, the temp gauge on the dash did not go any higher than the middle position. The expansion tank was full to the point of overflowing, I let it cool down then siphoned the coolant off and topped up the radiator. I decided to remove the stat before the return journey just in case it was faulty.

On the return journey I kept a very close eye on the temp and pulled over when ever it hit 90c, I let it cool down and siphoned off and topped up plus added some more.

Had to do this 5 times, I could travel approx 20 miles before haveing to stop. When ever I removed the rad cap there was a fair bit of pinky white froth, I use a red coolant.

To help with cooling I was running with controls on full heat and max fan speed plus A/C on so rad fans were running. I noticed that when it was getting near to the time to stop the vents blew cold air, then when looked under bonnet the expansion tank was full, rad cap appears to be working ok as it is letting the pressurised coolant out. By the way there is no white smoke out of tail pipe.

I surmise that a HG has gone so I'm looking for recommendations for independent mechanics within a 100 mile radius of gloucester that would be able to do it useing the parts I have sitting gathering dust. TIA

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Before you get involved in any of that, you mention red coolant.

Did you flush and flush and flush till you were blue in the face the whole system after fitting the new radiator, it's quite likely the red is OAT and what was in there before wasn't, the two coolants are not compatible as you probably know, so is it possible the coolant itself has gelled?

The previous radiator being blocked makes me wonder if gelled coolant is the issue here now, can't think of any reason otherwise for a blocked radiator unless some clot previously ran it with plain tap water.

Not sure what's involved in clearing the results of incompatible coolant mixing, but it might be worth following the methods recommended and flushing the system repeatedly to see if there's any improvement before taking more drastic action.

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Hi Judd, The car has been running with no probs since fitting the rad just over 2yrs ago and yes it is OAT.  The old rad was blocked with a brown gunge and I suspect the previous numpty had been topping up with water due to the over heating issue, when I fitted the new rad I ran it round locally for 15miles to check it was ok before flushing it through and filling with new coolant.

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Drain it. Refill from turbo hose at the high filler tank. Fill it really slowly. So easy get trapped air in these. If it still does the same it does sound like HG otherwise. I hope it the coolant mix.

Also do you have rad cap and fill tank cap on the right way round. Rad cap has no wings if stock cap. Rad cap is a one way valve, filler tank is 2 way valve and different pressure ratings. Got those wrong will cause it to overheat

Check for any leaks too as minor ones will cause it to run hot too.

Good luck

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