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  1. How old are the tyres? They may have plenty of tread but could be >10 years old and have gone hard. The is a 4 digit code on the wall mm/yy.
  2. Ball joints gone, Play in suspension bushing, Bent arms, suspension links broken, bad wheel alignment. Management of your expectations. Hard to tell from your description. Did you sort your hot brakes?
  3. If not calipers sticking then your disks could be warped. It can only really be sticky calipers or warped disks due to sticky calipers. Someone else may be able to come up with another reason.
  4. If your not doing it Scoobyworld in liecester do it for a reasonable price.
  5. I have had bad experience with my local subaru dealer in Northampton. Lets just say they could not perform a simple task correctly. Never paid for work not done though. I pulled them up on it and they refunded me more than the job i paid for so I cannot argue too much. In my experience the only mechanic you can trust is yourself. I have had a independent garage also tell me 10k miles ago my gearbox is shagged. They based this on normal wear paste when i got them to replace the gearbox oil. I have since given up on dealers and independant garages. I will recommend scoobyworld in leicester, they did the cam belt for me when i first bought my WRX. For the bigger jobs that i cannot do in the street (or too coward) i will give it to them from now on. I friend of mine has recommended Subaru in Bedford but i have no experience with them. Sad I know.
  6. Siluro


    Just get all 4 checked as it's awd. Not that expensive. Less expensive than new parts for drive train.
  7. They tried to bleed a 2007 WRX from the radiator and not the filler tank near the turbo. You know the highest point. Their test drive did them no favours either. Got them to grovel. I think they will introduce a dashcam policy now, lol.
  8. Impreza 2007 hawkeye does not leave much leg room behind a 6ft driver. Doable but not comfortable. Rear leg room is small due to large front seats. Bigger Subaru would be more suitable for your needs as you describe them. The Fozzie looks nice.
  9. Keep putting V-power in her. I came from a 1.9 diesel Punto that could do 55mpg. I was obsessed with fuel economy when i first got mine. Best i got out of a tank is just over 300 miles worst just over 200 miles. Town driving around 23-24 mpg. Cruising down motorway i managed 28-29 mpg. Now I just drive it and put petrol in her and I do not care. I do walk a bit more now though. I see you have blow off valve and lowered. Any more mods? You said it was standard which is almost impossible to find these days. Picture of Zune sport grills
  10. Siluro

    Noise Cameras

    I live in the town center and those Toyota Prius taxis sneak up on you if your not careful. The driver of these silent assassin cars should be more aware as they cannot assert their presence like a Scooby, or a V8. As you say Loud pipes save lives.
  11. Siluro

    Noise Cameras

    I went to see the WRC in Wales last year and i was shocked how quiet they were. I could hear the tyres on the gravel in the slower stuff. Amazingly fast though. Stones were flying every were when the WRC cars went by. Lots of Scoobies in the lower classes. Other then the Mk1 & 2 escorts must of been the most common car. I believe your right they have to run cats for the emissions. Good damn health and safety and global warming.
  12. I am looking into doing a DIY job as I cannot trust anyone in my area not even Subaru. What it looks like you do need is a cam locking tool to make life much easier. £20-30 from what I can see. Got few miles left until it needs changing so still investigating. Does not look to bad a job really. You need to to take the rad fans out at least. I will be taking rad out as well to avoid damaging the fins and to give you extra room to work with. Scoobyworld do it for a reasonable price they did mine just after I bought it.
  13. Clutch will be heavier than your previous car especially if it has been uprated. Has it been uprated? Mine is still on original and it is not that stiff. Stiffer than my old punto. I hear the average miles on Original clutch is around 40K.
  14. Don't take it to your local Subaru dealer if there anything like mine. Could not even bleed the air out of the cooling system correctly. Caught it all on dashcam and got a full refund.
  15. Siluro

    Noise Cameras

    If I hear a loud car in my street I general look out the window to find out if I guessed correctly. I have more a problem with the f***ing barking dog next door, all bl**dy day long.
  16. Adding a sports CAT is a MOT failure as it is not Type Approved for the car. The only sports cat that is MOT legal is the Prodrive. Currently no one looks into this detail but I believe those are the facts. They will clamp down eventually, just like those new noise cameras that are being tested in the UK.
  17. Any make of car has their own problems some far more serious on modern designs. Ecoboosts catching fire, same for BMW EGR valves overheating and catching fire both dangerous to your health. I believe both have caused fatalities. Blown HG is just a danger to your wallet.
  18. Yep I am afraid so. It is usually a matter of when not if. Lots of failures on the web. Signs, pushing coolant out of the overflow tank, overheating but tricky to diagnose unless badly blown from what I can gather. Either head gasket or heads lifting underboost. I am no expert but I if you search you will find many HG blown on the 2.5. Frequent oil and coolant changes and make sure battery is good and clean. Make sure you have a oh sh** fund lol. Good excuse to forge the motor. Stop looking for problems or you will scare yourself from ever enjoying it.
  19. My front lights are starting to yellow too. Goner polish and put some 3M clear wrap on them for UV protection. Once thats goes yellow just peel off and re apply new wrap. Mine has the Zunsport grills which do look nice. Other than that I am going to replace/upgrade things as they die, I am sorter hoping the suspension goes so i can justify the money, lol.
  20. Something is better than nothing just be sensible and treat her nice. If I had oil temp gauge i would not boost until oil is at least 80 degrees maybe more. Looking into oil and pressure gauge next possibly. **** thread confusion cause we where talking live and i did not realise it swapped.
  21. Nice motor. Mines completely standard bar map (270 bhp) and big brake kit, same colour. I take it yours is a Hawkeye cheaper tax version mines an 07 plate. Sort the brakes out if they are standard as they are rubbish. That was the first mod i did. Godspeed brembo big brake kit to fit standard wheels. Massive improvement no fade anymore or spongy pedal. As yours seems to have bigger wheels i would get some STI brembos and fit them. Think I am goner get the rear windows tinted like yours. More pictures please. It looks lowered to me so not standard, maybe the bigger wheels make it look that way.
  22. You will get all sorts of opinions on this. I always let a warm up for at least a minute before heading off and quite a bit more until I will go above 3000rpm. No oil temp so just sensible guess work for me. I always let the fans run if they are on before switching off or tick over for a while if i have been hooning around to let the turbo cool down. The WRX uses coolant vapour to help with instant switching off but best to help it. See what others say. Modern oils are very good so just dont hoon until she is well warm.
  23. I was looking into Terraclean before my map. Searching around people said it improved the car but did not last long. I also asked Racedynamix and they said it is not worth the bother. If your failing Emissions it might be worth it otherwise if it ain't broke, dont fix it for me. Talk to terraclean sales and they will tell you that they get best gains from boxers and they run dirty, lol $$$$$$$$$
  24. The manual for the 2 liter also states you have to remove the sprockets. I guess you can get the pump in but is made easier if you remove the sprockets to remove the plastic cover. Thank Bulldogs