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  1. I like the 1st gen Leon Coupe. Kei Drift Truck
  2. I am sorry for you. I have 1k worth of damage now on my car that all occurred while it was parked. I swear the dustbin lorry did the last one. It got to the point I have lost interest in keeping the car looking nice. It has been hit 4 times while stationary.
  3. The car for the game is based on a real modded Hawkeye WRX (read the link), also the track is based on real French roads and put together to make this course. Both given away free to the Assetto Corsa community, amazing people.
  4. Someone made a really nice Tuned WRX for Assetto Corsa based on their own car. Total turns you into a hooligan. I made this video to demonstrate with a friend. I have not laughed so much in game for long time. You can read about the mod here:
  5. Oh yeah it is a na. Doh. I had a classic sport. Most reliable car I ever owned. Good luck again
  6. Drain it. Refill from turbo hose at the high filler tank. Fill it really slowly. So easy get trapped air in these. If it still does the same it does sound like HG otherwise. I hope it the coolant mix. Also do you have rad cap and fill tank cap on the right way round. Rad cap has no wings if stock cap. Rad cap is a one way valve, filler tank is 2 way valve and different pressure ratings. Got those wrong will cause it to overheat Check for any leaks too as minor ones will cause it to run hot too. Good luck
  7. I second that. Looks spot on to me. BTW the temp gauge is so slow it not worth relying on. Get OBD dongle and you will see what I mean.
  8. Man I so wish this guy lived near me. I throw money at him to maintain my car.
  9. Advertised and sold are two different things. When I bought my car the dealer would not budge at first. 2 weeks later he said he already sold it but the guys finance fell through. Well you never sold it. In the end I got him to come down £500 and then he cannot count and I walked away with an extra £100, lol. Paying cash can be really useful
  10. Sorry to hear about HG, good luck. Out of interest is it modded at all?
  11. I have heard that too about you 😉
  12. As above in general if your opening the motor you may as well do the rest. Dreaded 2.5 HGs
  13. I had that on an NA Classic Impreza. Turned out the cat had collapsed inside the exhaust.
  14. Sal. As soon as I read the title I thought I would not be buying a car of this guy. Then it gets worse. No care and attention to detail. I would not call that number
  15. The problem is money is involved. Even the better ones with good reps you can find horror stories on if you dig hard enough.
  16. @Tidgy totally agree In US they do all sorts of promotions for their loyal customers and basically nothing here. They did Isle of Man and Goodwood but I suppose they are international level events. They did win the BTCC in the Levorg but I have probably only ever seen one on the road. Bring back the wagon. Also VW gate helped their sales no end in the US. Any dealers I have come across in the UK are clueless which again as you said Subaru do seem to destroy any market they may have in UK. It seems to me they wanted to get away from the rally thug label for some reason but promote in US. Seems all very strange to me.
  17. Try Scoobyworld Leicester they did my Cambelt last time. 300 ish if I recall plus some other bits.
  18. Yep been there done that. Left these on which eventually drained the battery when I had my first Scooby.
  19. I agree with Paul the stuff you want doing can be done easily in the street, why pay someone to rip you off. Stay away from main dealers in Northampton they are clueless. Last time I paid for oil change was while car was in body shop. £100 wow, last time that is goner happen.
  20. I am interested in this too for my Hawkeye. I know the plastic OEM ones can break and flex when in use. The heavy duty ones do not look any beefier than the silver ones. Hmm good question.
  21. Wow. Just read all this. You have got him surely if the engine turns out to not be what you were sold. You have the advert and spec if it does not match then any court should side with you. You would like to think anyway. I wish you the best of luck.
  22. A battery in daily use and discharged by no more than 40% of its capacity should last for more than 3000 cycles and may not need replacing for up to 12 years. A battery that is frequently heavily discharged may last no longer than 2 years. So if you are constantly draining it below 12v your damaging it and it will eventually leave you stranded. The panel will help but in winter maybe not so much, i have yet to find out. You also got to take into account any short AtoB BtoA journeys that don't manage to put back what it took out starting both times.
  23. I would get battery tested independantly and do as Mr B suggests and measure the draw when parked and modules have gone to sleep. Once you have approx draw you can use my calculation to work out how much time you have. 8 days is either one or both are the problem. The drain could also have caused the battery to be damaged, so the draw is the real problem. 4.8 watt solar panel at best will maybe overcome normal draw as per MrB numbers. And that is if the car is in good sunlight and the windows are not tinted.