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  1. I am also an untrained eye and the play in the turbo looks bad to me. Has anyone else watched the video? They spin a 100K rpm plus so ther should be virtually zero play no? Ok I have just checked and it does seem ok. You learn something every day. Ignore me Edit: the play is taken out with the oil when it is feed into the turbo bearing and shaft. It makes sense now. The Garrett full ball-bearing turbo is designed to have clearance between the bearing cartridge and center housing for hydrodynamic damping in addition to the internal clearances of the bearing cartridge itself. Hydrodynamic damping uses the incompressible properties of a liquid (oil in this case) and the space around the bearing cartridge to dampen the shaft motion of the rotating assembly. When the turbo is new, or has not operated for a long period of time allowing most of the oil to drain out, the rotating assembly will move more in the radial direction than a typical journal-bearing turbo because there is no oil in the center housing. This condition is normal. As long as the shaft wheel spins freely and the wheels don't contact their respective housings, the assembly will function properly.
  2. I don't know how you manage it lol. Had to use my PPP STI how awful and then off to Iceland. Have a great trip anyway.
  3. Welcome You will be better off starting a new thread. This one started in 2014. Sorry I cannot add anything useful to your situation.
  4. He sure does but the Toyota seems to have lit a fire underneath him. Was the Ford that slow? Meek has the skills and was superfast but got dropped. Probably almost unbeatable if he could finish. He took the Colin mentality too far I suppose, shame. Evan's Dad must be so proud but also think damn he has out done me, lol. I nice dilemma to be in I suppose.
  5. Not only did he win he beat seb and Tanak. Evans seems on fire in the Toyota. I have been in a rally car with his dad and it was totally surreal. Can he take the championship?
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    You say it was over filled by 1.5 litre but do not sound sure. Overfilling that much is not good. If it was me I would check all the breather pipes and clear them out and live with it. As it was overfilled I would expect these to be full of oil too. It may just go away once it has cleared. Maybe someone wiser can point you in the right direction.
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    If still over filled then drain some out, the oil expands when it gets hot. If you drain some and the smoke stops then your ok. Remember it is a flat engine so probably even more important not to overfill. (never overfill any engine)
  8. Spark plugs, Coil packs. Is it spark or fuel?
  9. This is a UK club but you never know someone might help you.
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    How badly was it overfilled and how long did you drive it like that? Overfilling is bad news as oil gets pushed through the seals? I overfilled my gearbox once ended up pushing oil past seal and contaminated the clutch, I learnt that lesson over 30 years ago. Took me ages to clear out the bellhousing. You live and learn, hopefully not the hard way. Youth knows best lol
  11. @MR B you keep having to say the same thing again and again it is very sad. Does anyone do a proper job these days. Good luck James. MR B always talks sense. I would take his advise.
  12. Take your time. You could probably do more damage changing the spark plugs TBH.
  13. Can drain coolant by either removing bottom rad hose and thermostat or on Hawkeye there is a drain tap on bottom left of rad. Plastic tap. Careful as this tap can easily break its wings as plastic goes brittle.
  14. Not sure from that link. These are but bit more expensive.
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    Yep pilot 4s have a good rep. Not tried them myself but may do when I need. My mates 5 litre mustang has them on and he reckons there great.
  16. Changing the coolant is simple but very easy to get an airlock. Fill from the back hose connected to the filler tank not the Radiator like my local Subaru dealership did. F**king fools, as a plumber you should know you bleed a system from the highest point (they paid for it as it was all caught on dashcam). Fill very slowly until filler tank is nearly full then bleed. Be careful cause it is very easy to get an airlock and then the engine may overheat. The temp gauge is very slow so if the fans do not turn off when expected during bleed process kill the motor and let it cool. Mine got up to 97 degree before the needle even moved. I use a OBD dongle to get real time temp readings. If you get an airlock sometimes the only way to remove it is to start all over again. Might be wise to park with the front higher than the back to help the air to rise. Take your time when filling and bleeding.
  17. Does this link help. Not a guide but an exploded view
  18. Plenty of vids on YouTube to guide you. Not that bad a job really.
  19. If it is a high mileage car and no history of water pump change I would do it with the cambelt. It just makes sense to me to do both. The impeller gets corroded by the water and can cause cavitation which can cause vapor to form. This will make the cooling system less efficient. My last cambelt change was <£400, i did not change the waterpump as the car only had 30K, I wish I had now though.
  20. I used HEL and they are not an issue to fit.
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    Last time i tried Goodyear EAGLE F1 ASYMMETRIC 3. Good tyre better than the Bridgestone RE0?? whatever they were standard tyre. Cost about £100 a corner.
  22. Seat will feel night and day quicker than NA Subaru. I had a fiat punto 1.9 Grande punto and that pulled like a train compared to my old classis 2.0 sport. If you after speed keep the seat all day long. The Subaru will also be far less economical. Traded Punto in for a 2007 WRX now I have the speed and now I have to pay for it at pumps, but it is worth it for me.
  23. Jay did as for piccys. He may help if you do that.
  24. Water in the boot can come from the boot seal, the rear lights or the petrol cap door (not sure on this one for a classic but can be on newage).
  25. Yuasa battery from these guys. Good price too. Edit: Just noticed that they do not deliver these anymore shame.