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  1. Siluro

    Da polishing advice

    I have a black 2007 hawkeye Wrx and the paint is covered in swirls. The cars buffs up well but i know it could be better. Never used a DA polisher before. I believe Scoobys have thin and soft paint which makes it harder to get the final finish compared to hard paint but easier to cut. I don't know if it has been cut down before and there is obviously a limit before you completely remove the clearcoat. If I am going to invest £150 + for the gear but still have no idea, what advice could anyone bring to the table? I will try my mates old van for practice (have not told him yet) but I still don't want to screw that up either. I know it is fairly safe to do unless your a bit stupid with a DA compared to a rotary. Do you guys measure the paint and if so how do you work put the clearcoat thickness? Any advice on kit, pads, products technique please. Thinking about the DA6 or pro version which comes with different throws 8 12 15 and 21 mm. What's best for a total noob? Cheers
  2. Siluro

    Outback 3.0L road tax

    Tax is based on emissions. This changed in April 2006 I believe. I have 07 WRX which is £500+ to tax but same car with 06 plate would be £300 around. If you break it down per mile it not much really. Makes me feel better anyway. If you buy a higher milage older car the extra £200 could be eaten up by parts easily as they are potentially more worn I guess. However you look at it road tax hurts especially with the state of the roads these days.
  3. Spoken to Godspeed and they do not supply the spring washer any more with the kit which I had to remove to fit inside the standard 17inch wheels.
  4. Wash it. Hand polish and wax. Used a clay mitt for first time. You can feel the rough paint with the mitt.
  5. Drivers side--------------passengers side -------------front of car------------------ -------#2-----------------------#1------- -------#4-----------------------#3------- Firing order is 1-3-2-4 ej20
  6. Yes I agree just never noticed it till now. Must of been like it since I bought it. I will check but no big deal.
  7. I was explaining what my Hawkeye does for Ellazak86 even though it is quite old. I did not think there was a problem until you replied. Do you get a dashboard light for the main beam? I will have to check the manual. Cheers
  8. Siluro

    Brake Pad Choice - Help

    How are PF pads? Interested to know?
  9. 2007 Hawkeye WRX. No dash light for lights being on. Only high beam, blue icon right hand top side. Rear fog lights only display icon on dashboard front fogs don't but button lights up. Rear fog light button does not light up. My front fogs light up when button is pressed no delay. Hope that helps
  10. Thanks Kershaw, Sounds like I am doing the right thing. I first uprated the brakes added an air oil separator and last week had her mapped by Duncan @ racedynamix. Car has only done 36k so I should be all right for a while. I hate struggling any car at low RPM, pet hate. I think 2.5 gets treated a bit unfairly as in standard form it is probably ok but how many kids bolt things on and as you say do not get it mapped. Poor motors being over boosted running on oil that has not been changed in 12+K etc... Regular services and fluids and sensible mods with a map will make them last much longer.
  11. Recommendations for scooby specialist in or around Northamptonshire? Willing to get my hands dirty but don't have any where to do it myself other in the busy street outside my house. Cheers
  12. Thinking about what you said about stopping in the wet is bad. That will be your tyres not the brakes, in the end the brakes can only be as good as the tyres will let them be for stopping distances. How do you use the car. Daily driving, track days, thrashing down b roads?
  13. I realise there are many possibilities for issues as with any car, but how many result in complete engine failure like a broken pick up pipe? Replacing this is cheap really for the piece of mind. Just wanted to work out where my money is best spent as my WRX has only 36k and I have just had it mapped. Car is all standard engine wise.
  14. Siluro

    Dashcams, show us your view!

    I know he indicated but I was looking at the pedestrian crossing just past the exit. I should have avoided this really. Only cosmetic and I did swear at him. His insurance paid out due to the video. Only bought the dashcam 7 days prior only had the car 3 months too, gutted. First accident in many years. The guy said i came racing down the inside, whatever. Should have seen his face drop when I said it does not matter what you think it is all on dashcam.
  15. Been reading about the failures of the OEM oil pick up pipe. Quite common it seems even on low mileage cars. Anyone had the issue? killer bee seems to be the only updated replacement i can find. Are there other options? £200 for the killer bee is cheap compared to a new motor.