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  1. Ahh yes no turbo my bad. Interesting link though and true it not really possible to be sure on the smoke/vapour from this picture.
  2. To me it looks like burning oil and if you have over filled it that would be a possible explanation. Post your video on youtube and link it. Or use something like Google Drive and post the link. Yes the coolant will overflow if you have rad cap off when its running. I would not rely on the temp gauge in the dash as they are very slow to respond. I use a OBD dongle to get exact temps. You will get some bubbles in the overflow tank as this vapour from the Turbo cooling when you turn off the engine. See
  3. Welcome and nice motor. Yes I agree remove the dump valve it offers no purpose until you get into serious power. Do you have PPP cert out of interest?
  4. I have a Sigma alarm on mine so I am unable to help you there. User manual maybe.
  5. Ahh the dipstick on these is not the best. I also struggle to read it easily. What i do is clean dip stick and then push it in hold for 3 secs and then pull it out quickly. Make sure the icon on the dipstick is in the correct orientation. Worse dipstick on any car I have ever owned. Tricky. If anyone has a full proof method I would like to hear it.
  6. I own a WRX and before a Classic Sport and both have a pattern on tick over where it wobbles the car slightly but never stalls. It is like a stutter. Flats do not naturally balance until it has some RPM. They can be quite lumpy on tick over. On tick over they try and twist the engine on its center until revs balance it out. Both idle when warm at quite low revs, again normal for a Scooby. Maybe this is what your referring to on your point 1. You say oil is over the max. Is it below the notch on the dip stick when warm if not then you have over filled it which would possibly explain the smoke. White smoke usually means coolant is burning. Are you losing coolant, does it smell sweet?
  7. Based on all the receipts you have I guessed it was loved. Someone threw some money at it. Exhaust probably just bad luck.
  8. What a good dad. Hope he took notes from your wisdom.
  9. I don't think he is asking you mate and he ain't thick either.
  10. Siluro

    Nasty Oh dear. Thought it was a WR1.
  11. I hope it works out in your favour as it should. Good luck.
  12. Bendix don't they make washing machines lol. The only bendix parts I have put on a car was a french car which seem to shed parts as you drove it. I guess that tells you something. Bendix and the word brakes would worry me.
  13. Siluro

    Nasty Glad biker survived. No excuses for that one. No road signs so not many or any accidents been there before so the corner cannot be as bad as camera makes it seem. Dry nice day. Looks like the camera picks up something in the car before impact. Was he distracted as that can be he only excuse (poor one at that)? Anyone know the guy?
  14. Try Godspeed brakes and take a look. Please don't go cheap on brakes. I would get 1.5 litres (if I remember correctly) for a flush. Do not let reservoir run dry when flushing and bleeding. Top it up as u bleed them.