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  1. Ooooh I fancy that. Think hawkeye maybe different not sure. Hawkeye typically a 2.5 litre flat.
  2. It still could be just the alarm. If the battery is new then based on my theory it could be the starter motor on way out as that would also drop the voltage if it pulling to many amps. All guess work. The test would just tell you that the alarm is freaking out but not if it was the battery or the starter motor. Again did you by the right rated battery?
  3. Just a point what's the rest like. It is xmas and as a bundle it may work out cheaper in the long run. I do feel for you mate. Not the best start to Subaru life.
  4. Like i said i am just guessing but easy to eliminate with a simple test.
  5. Think this is the right bit like your post earlier, this also says MOT friendly and implies it does not require a map. Someone with better knowledge must be able to help you. I feel like it is a bit like the blind leading the blind today. lol.
  6. Ok at least I have caught up now. No I can not find one easily either.
  7. I thought the part with the cat in was bad as well. I must of lost the thread somewhere. I cannot see the part you bought having anything to do with the engine light as it is after the sensor. The Cat part might affect it which you now have get, is that right?
  8. What you said it was the other end. I thought you ordered this part already. That would be a better option if fooked though. Center section with resonator/or without much cheaper.
  9. That looks like a decat version to me.
  10. I am not sure but you may be able to get away with a decat pipe there, cheaper. Someone with should be able to advise on this and if you did decat this section would you need a map?
  11. Based on this diagram that is the front Cat. Bummer.
  12. Which end? Towards the engine or towards the rear of car.
  13. In the colder weather then this would amplify the draw on the battery and making the voltage drop worse. Is it worse when the weather is colder?
  14. I would guess that while starting the voltage drop across the alarm is so big it freaks out. Did you replace the battery with one of the same size, cranking power? If you put a smaller one in that might explain it. Easily tested with jump leads, just wire in another battery (as if jump starting) and if the chirp stops then you have a solution, buy a bigger better battery.
  15. Depends on the error, but if it was cause of the holed exhaust it should go out by itself eventually. Same if the garage clears it, it may not come back on instantly, again depends on the code. I changed an exhaust and O2 sensor on my classic sport and it took a few miles for the engine light to go out. I was worried for a while. For example it may need X amount of passes before it will decide to turn light out. Same when light goes on, with some codes it needs to error X times before it will decide to turn light on.