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  1. Wow. Just read all this. You have got him surely if the engine turns out to not be what you were sold. You have the advert and spec if it does not match then any court should side with you. You would like to think anyway. I wish you the best of luck.
  2. A battery in daily use and discharged by no more than 40% of its capacity should last for more than 3000 cycles and may not need replacing for up to 12 years. A battery that is frequently heavily discharged may last no longer than 2 years. So if you are constantly draining it below 12v your damaging it and it will eventually leave you stranded. The panel will help but in winter maybe not so much, i have yet to find out. You also got to take into account any short AtoB BtoA journeys that don't manage to put back what it took out starting both times.
  3. I would get battery tested independantly and do as Mr B suggests and measure the draw when parked and modules have gone to sleep. Once you have approx draw you can use my calculation to work out how much time you have. 8 days is either one or both are the problem. The drain could also have caused the battery to be damaged, so the draw is the real problem. 4.8 watt solar panel at best will maybe overcome normal draw as per MrB numbers. And that is if the car is in good sunlight and the windows are not tinted.
  4. 12.6v is fully charged. Your doing well. Did you measure it with the panel still attached? I only get sun from morning to 2pm then car is in shade.
  5. Agreed. I skimmed and was replying to DanS reply.
  6. How old are the tyres? There should be a 4 digit code on wall. Once so old they will start to go hard and ruin your road holding. Add low tread depth and wet roads it gets a whole lot worse. Are the walls showing signs of cracking etc need fresh rubber soon regardless of wear. It is the most important part of any car and neglected generally.
  7. TBH I am not sure but it adds strain to all the driveline. If you think about it makes sense. If on same axle one is smaller than the other they will be spinning at different speeds all the time. Do that across all 4 corners and all are spinning at different speeds. I believe it is in the Subaru handbook but who reads that.
  8. The reason you should rotate them is to stop winding up the diffs and causing wear. Rotating the tyres helps make sure the tyres wear evenly preventing this.
  9. But a larger battery does not solve the issue. Just slightly allows the battery to last another day or two. That is not a solution. My WRX draws 0.05 amp once asleep. Quick Calulation (60/0.05)/24 = 50 Days or around 7 weeks to a flat battery. That is for a 60aH battery. So if you have gone to a 70aH bigger battery for example (70/0.05)/24 = 58 Days or around 8 weeks to a flat battery. The larger battery will only buy you week. Not a fix in my book. I am trying a solar panel to reduce the drain (damage to battery as not been used for 8 weeks now) but if you have tinted windows you can forget that. You really need a 20w panel to be able to charge it effectively and that is getting on the large size and is capable of causing a fire, so needs to be regulated somehow. My 7.5w panel plugged directly to the battery has an effect but only if the sun is out, then it can keep the battery at a level. Good luck with that in the UK. AA sell 4.8w (and lower) panels which I cannot see doing much at all.
  10. Well I guess someone out there will want it. Good luck
  11. This has been asked before and everyone recommended don't bother if I recall correctly. Not much you can do with a NA. Edt:
  12. Dang it why did you not buy it out of interest? Money?
  13. Maybe drain the oil from gearbox and check the magnetic plug for large metal parts and the oil. You will probably find some tiny metal on the plug that smears like a paste this is probably normal. But anything larger may give you a clue. New oil may solve it.
  14. I not questioning what you say about the 2.5 (hatch being the worst i believe) as there is no doubt they are weaker than the 2.0 and do have problems stock but how many 2.5 failures are down to idiots which skews the figures a bit. I am not sure but plenty of yank youtube videos with Cobb access ports with random maps downloaded and put into ECU, surely this is asking for trouble too. How many idiots beat on these cars too and expected it to last. I watched one the other day were this bloke sold Hawk STI cause he thought the head gasket had gone. No it had hose leaks and was overfilled with twice the amount of oil. His specialist told him it was the head gasket. The guy who bought it fixed the coolant leaks and drained the oil but it still smoked after a bit. He then cleaned the Intercooler and now it is fine. I did not think it possible to overfill by that much but it seems you can. I jumped the youtube video to the oil part wow. But yes you need an "Oh ****" fund just incase on the 2.5. I have my fingers crossed for mine and toes.
  15. As Scoobies go probably keep it value better than most. In the long run that is a tricky question once the gov tax the hell out of them when we all go electric. When the tax gets too high then you need to find a buyer willing to pay it. I pay >£500 and that is pushing it already for me. Hard one to answer. IMO very few fossil fuel cars will be worth it in the long run.