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  1. Are you talking Polish or Wax? Those brands indicate wax to me. Do you have machine polisher? If wax Bilt Hamber wax is cheap and lasts long time but is not the easiest to apply. Lasts lot longer than Poorboys Natty Paste wax and others I have used. Poorboys is super nice to apply effortless compared to Bilt Hamber.
  2. I would not know but it seems to be a good price for that mileage+PPP. Good luck with the sale. Car looks like a keeper to me. Good luck OP with finding one.
  3. Never dealt with them but the part a lot of Subarus.
  4. I paid Scoobyworld in Liecester to do mine last time. I had some change out of £400 if I remember correctly but that was just the belt change. Car had only done 27K then. Next time i will do the water pump, belt and the bearings and anything else like tensioner if looks worn. Kits start at £300 for all that + £100+vat for pump so I guessing between £600-1000 next time dependant on which parts you pick, labour rates. Do it yourself and it just parts. If I had a garage I would go at it myself. One day. It looks fairly easy if you have the right tools. I do most stuff myself but cambelt so far and it is quite nice to work on.
  5. Rough running. If it was my Hawkeye I would check MAF sensor and plugs. Not sure about forester
  6. That's where you went wrong main dealer. They are useless in my experience. I good indie that know Scoobies would do you better.
  7. Is the clicking not a solenoid going crazy? It cannot of welded it's switch together (due to arcing) as fan goes on and off, so must be being supplied a voltage on and off constantly. If it was a bad earth it would continue to do so when switched on no? unless a new earth gets connected when switched on or new positive supply or both? Should read the error codes first bad earth is highly probable. What was the CAT C for, could that be water damage?
  8. I have too agree. If I was buying one now I would be more interested if the owner did most of his work and can prove it with receipts and dates. Subaru dealerships do not know anything about older Scoobies as I have found out. Then they test drive them and exceed the speed limits. I caught all their stupidity on dashcam. The could not even bleed the coolant correctly on my hawk WRX. They tried to bleed it from radiator cap lol.
  9. Yep I have paid £100 for oil and filter change. My excuse it was in for bodywork and while they had it I may as well get them to do it. That will be the last time. Budgets always get broken.
  10. Can you say Tranny fluid anymore?
  11. E85 is cheating too. Can you get it easily in UK?
  12. How many NA look like turbos with wing and scoop. Debadged for Sandals reasons.
  13. Low fuel has a little orange dot in the fuel gauge. You have go quite low to get it to go on.
  14. There is not a headlights on icon on the dash for my Hawkeye. It is in the user manual. Only high beam. The only clue lights are on is the dials get back light.
  15. The weather is colder so there will be some drop. Take it you checking when cold, in mornings? Have you checked regularly and seen it drop slowly or just once 2000 miles ago and now? Keep an eye on it. Hopefully just the cold weather. Did you change the coolant yet?