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  1. 10K on same oil damn. I guess if you tow something etc that is reduced a fair bit?
  2. Add bleed the the cooling system. My local dealership bleed my Hawyeye WRX from the Radiator cap. Not the highest point and therefore pretty pointless. Shame my dashcam recorded it all. It gets worse too
  3. In my experience the dealerships are less than useless. I think they are quite simple to work on really. I don't understand it is a car and an engine but as you say some garages refuse to service them. Finding a decent mechanic these days is not easy for any car. Parts changer yes, proper mechanic not many about. I take it to the Skoda place if you trust them.
  4. If no engine check light and code I would check for fuel and spark first.
  5. CV Joint? Is the gaiter split? Do they knock on Scoobies when foobar.
  6. Stay away from 2007 Hawkeye as the road tax is horrible
  7. @Ryu44 that makes sense now you explained it. Forgot they have that cat in place
  8. Think I like the MBRP Axle-Back but could I live with it as a daily. The 2.0 liter sounds harsher than the 2.5, has more of a burble in most cases.
  9. Why do you have to swap out up-pipe out of interest (is only 2 liters cars)? I ask cause my Hawkeye is mapped but otherwise standard bar backbox and panel filter. I have the opposite issue, mine is too quiet.
  10. TBH if what I have read about them is true you will not be dissapointed other than the power. All have said it to be a very fun car. I guess it depends on your expectations.
  11. My old Sport classic would run bad and have a slight miss fire if parked up for >1week. Every time after she got warm again it went away.
  12. Is the GT86 that much different? Can you not test drive that to get a feel? I prefer the BRZ myself but I cannot remember seeing one in a long time. GT86 are more common but not that common.
  13. Damn it, why have I never thought of that. My dad first showed me that when I was a kid but not the funnel upgrade.
  14. I have seen videos on youtube where the knock is actually the Belt tensioner. Here is hoping.
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