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  1. One thing to remember is when taking a battery measurement you should let it settle after use. It should slowly rise a bit. Below 11 volts and it will start to sulphate, reducing it's life. Jumping is also not good for batteries as you can bend the plates, if you have to leave the battery connected for 10 mins before jumping or longer
  2. In the UK it is illegal to leave a car running unattended. Maybe that why if an option elsewhere and not here.
  3. No one has any pride in their work these days, grab your money and go.
  4. Glad you won. Now the really hard bit. I won a case in tribunal, never managed to get the money though. Wish you the best of luck
  5. You said rad cap, should bleed from the Filler tank cap not rad cap. Bleed from highest point.
  6. Never thought you get those 2 in a room together like that. Good to see them being civil after all these years
  7. Yep. Your outlook on this is very different I am sure if your >70 or have some condition. Yes get well soon.
  8. Well they need something so we can see it to correctly fight it. Valid testing is key. It is flue and cold season too which will fake numbers for what ever reason. I suspect some are just normal cold etc. These false positives will make it look worse to the general public. Proper testing is the only way until vaccines are made.
  9. BBC been lost many years ago. Also the death rate is BS too. In the US hospitals get paid more for Covid patient than not, hence their numbers are seriously wrong. The race to sell 8 billion vaccines. Get well soon
  10. Rad cap on mine is just a release valve if the internal pressure gets too high. The filler cap is connected to the expansion/overflow tank. It adds when hot and sucks it back in when cold. Different to most cars I have ever owned.
  11. On a 2007 WRX the cap with wings goes on the filler tank and is a 2 way valve. The Rad cap has no wings and is a one way valve. The have different ratings too. Not sure if that helps
  12. I have been thinking about this and so far I gather that coilovers are generally overkill for a road only car. Plus what sort money you prepared to part with makes a big difference as always. I am interested to hear what the experts say or someone that has experienced coil overs vs uprated springs etc.. Rear sway bar seems to also be an easy quick upgrade.
  13. Cannot beat a good wiper blade, these minor details become big details as i get older. Like seeing properly/ Sounds good will have to treat her to some.
  14. PIAA never heard of them are they good
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