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2010 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Prodrive Edition in exceptional condition


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I have just stumbled across this forum as I usually use ScoobyNet, but I think their moderator is away on holiday as for sale posts are not going live and I was hoping to make the Subaru community at large aware of the sale of my car. Naturally, I am aware a first post being a sale is weak form and I apologise, but I am a Subaru enthusiast and my car may be of interest to some of you, so here goes. Sadly, the time has sadly come for my to sell the love of my life as I’ve just had a baby daughter who I love a little more. This is a pretty special car and one I think is fairly rare as it is still on its original engine at 84,689 having been meticulously maintained by me and the previous and original owner who was a personal friend of my parents, so I can vouch for the car completely. When I bought it in 2016 it was my only car,  but after a while I bought a daily and used this once or twice a week covering 2-3000 miles a year. It has a couple of scrapes on bumpers and a few spots on the paint as to be expected for a 10 year old, but nothing serious in that regard.

It’s a Prodrive car with GT1 wheels in great condition and Michelin PS4 tyres on (I also have some 330s wheels with some Yokohama winter tyres on that I am selling separately). I don’t need to chat on here too much about what the car is, just the important stuff of full service history, taken care of by Arden Bridge Services during my tenure and the cambelt was changed at 65k and regular oil changes on top of the servicing. It’s also got a fairly new Bosch Battery. The previous owner and I were proud of fastidiously maintaining the car so as to not befall the known issues with these engines as we are both of the belief that when being used as a road car and used as the engine was designed to be used, there shouldn’t be a problem. It has never been revved beyond 5600rpm as there is little of interest beyond there and has been mostly driven on the huge amount of torque these 2.5 ppp’d engines have. Certainly a very easy car to drive rapidly and one I have really enjoyed even after years of 2.0L imports.

I would have thought it is a safe a hatch STI as you could find having only two enthusiast owners, known to each other with a solid history of maintenance. I am very sad to be selling as I have genuinely loved this car and I will be back to STI ownership as soon as I can be, but for now needs must and the family has to come first. I have done a walk-around video that can be viewed at https://youtu.be/s2n5BESpTN0.

I am asking £11,995 and the car can be viewed at my home in Droitwich, north of Worcester or at my work in Alvechurch, just south of Birmingham. If you are interested then please post or better yet call me on 07738257062 for a chat.

Thanks for reading.

STI sale 01.jpg

STI sale 02.jpg

STI sale 03.jpg

STI sale 06.jpg

STI sale 07.jpg

STI sale 08.jpg

STI sale 09.jpg

STI sale 10.jpg

STI sale 11.jpg

STI sale 12.jpg

STI sale 13.jpg

STI sale 16.jpg

STI sale 17.jpg

STI sale 18.jpg

STI sale 19.jpg

STI sale 20.jpg

STI sale 21.jpg

STI sale 22.jpg

STI sale 23.jpg

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