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Best tyres for winter?


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This site is one of the best around, the chap also has numerous videos on his own Youtube channel, he does extensive testing himself in these videos.


All depends on what you want, tyres you can use all year round, all season tyres, or a winter set to be fitted (presumably) on a spare set of wheels for winter use only...this solution has benefits in that your better set of wheels never see any salt.

We have two cars, the Forester has spare set of wheels with winter specific tyres fitted, winter tyres don't actually have that great grip on the warmer damper days of winter but they come into their own in snow and such conditions.

If it wasn't for already having the second set (they also fitted our previous Outback), i wouldn't bother with winter tyres for typical UK weather again, i would instead go with all season tyres but stamped with the mountain and snowflake symbol, meaning they the rubber is rated for cold weather use, maybe they wouldn't be as good as a pure winter in deep snow, but they are a better compromise in my humble.

Our other car, a 120 series Landcruiser is fitted with snowflake stamped Yokohama all season tyres, these are particularly good on wet roads, though its obviously a different beast entirely to a Subaru, just mentioning we have two cars with the different solutions possible, i prefer the all season tyre approach for British weather, especially as AS tyres have come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years.

If you search the above TyreReviews youtube channel, he did a good involved test of all season tyres in a low profile size, last winter i believe, well worth looking up, here it is


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I think a good all season tyre is all you need with a Subaru in UK winters. I currently have continental All Season Contacts on my Levorg, and have used them in the past on my Outback 3.0R also. Very good grip in the cold and wet, and not much different to full winters in the sort of snow we get here.

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As above for All-Season tyres, but look at the TyreReviews website or on his YouTube channel for some interesting tests.

I've had Vredstein Quattrac Pro tyres on the Levorg since Dec last year and they are very good in the cold and wet. We didn't have much of a winter down south last year but they came 2nd in an AutoBild All-Season tyre test (See TyreReviews) to the Michelin CrossClimates, which seem to be the class leader. I only went for the Vredsteins over the CrossClimates (and Conti / Goodyear / Nokian) as they are asymmetric, which makes wheel rotation easier. They are also 3PMSF stamped. MPG dropped slightly, but grip is more important.

 But any All-Season tyre from one of the top brands should be fine.


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