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Outback Bang!


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Hi Folks!


My 2010 Manual Outback has developed am issue, looking for any ideas....


Under heavy acceleration, for example in 3rd gear, going to overtake a slower vehicle, foot to the floor, it goes immediately, but then loses power for a split second, then a bang from the rear, the full power and off we go!


Also, anyone recommend a Subaru specialist in Central Scotland area? 


Described it to a mechanic "Thats a job for Subaru!" 


Thanks for reading guys!

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Petrol or Diesel?

Petrol ignition breaking down or dirty fuel filter the bang will be a backfire not good for the exhaust or cats etc

Diesel 100% blocked filter of water in the filter cuts off the fuel flow sounds like a petrol at rev limiter

Either way sort it or it will cost much much more

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Hi Bobster, did you find out what was going on with your car? I also have a 2010 Outback petrol/LPG auto which has just started doing almost exactly what you described in your post. The only difference I get is the "bang" you mentioned sounds more like a screech (mechanical or skidding tyre) for a fraction of a second, then acceleration. Engine doesn't falter at all during this. I was thinking possible ABS or electric handbrake fault. I'd love to know if you got anywhere with this.

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