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Cam angle sensor


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Hey guys, I’ve just done an engine swap in a Subaru at work and it’s ready to run but upon starting we have got a code “13 no cam angle sensor signal. Have checked all connections back to the ecu and seems to be fine. Has anyone had this problem before and can help me out. Thanks 

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Is the engine from the same model /year / country ? 

As they're is a few differences in cam pulley types and between uk and jdm and different "versions" 

Could try removing the cam sensor and looking at the back of the pulleys for the timing pick up Mark's,  then comparing the Mark's on the original engine pulleys. 

I'm fairly up to spec on classics and know they have less pick up points on the crank sprocket than newage.  Also sure I read that some uk and jdm swaps on newage require the cam and crank sensor pins need to be swapped around but I only think I read that about pin swapping,  don't know for sure 

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