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Modding 2.0R

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Hello everyone, I have a 150 hp 2007 Suabru Impreza. Is this engine good for modifying? I want to get around 250/220 hp from it. What is the most reliable way to get to that kind of power from. Is it even possible? I would like it to be my project car that I occasionally take to the track.

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Is it a hatch or hawk?

look to start with weight loss - rear seats etc improve your power to weight ratio

Getting that power is possible but you will pay for it. 

Bigger valves, polished ported heads x3 angle cut, Ti springs to cope with high sustained revs, oil pump, oil cooler, uprated coolant pump, block skim, high comp pistons, uprated cams, baffled sump, FPR, uprated fuel pump, possible bigger injectors....

You are talking between 4500 - 5500. that doesnt include any bearings or crank balancing

Your motor does not come with a belt guide so running the high revs you run a risk of the belt jumping.



A: a dedicated track car.

B starting with a 2.0 or 2.5 turbo lump and look at fitting your heads post rework. There are quite a few race classes particularly in rally that are non turbo so there are many examples out there but I dont believe they start with your lump


I found my 2.0 hatch to be really softly spring, small arb's etc on a spirited country drive whilst I preferred the feel of the brakes over the larger more wooden sti ones they would fade really quickly and round corners was really wallowing. I do not think it would have lasted one session on the track - If yours is the same I would consider chassis mods alongside weight loss then the engine starting with a doner turbo lump. raise the compression ratio, lumpy cams, port and flow the head, match the manifold and header to the heads   

Oh keep a camera handy and start a build thread 😁

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That is an option however I would not discourage you from doing your own thing - It depends on how determined you are, I would def go for the turbo block though so you can build the engine whilst still driving your motor - take your time and build over time when funds allow plus talk to engine builders who have done this type of conversion wait for the right parts to come up second hand or from stalled builds to save you money

I did look into it for my own NA hatch and may do something similar in the future with the left over parts I am accumulating 😉 but I will be starting with a turbo block so I have the extra fixing points etc

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