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Hi all


 I’ve been looking at Legacy / Outback models as my runabout car- Subaru is a brand I’ve always loved since Colin McRae theee the BC generation Legacy around rallies throughout the world.

 Having found several Outbacks that pique my fancy I’d noticed that they were all autos. That didn’t bother me until I then found out Subaru employs CVT transmission, something I’ve learned to steer well clear of from my days on the VAG scene. I’ve got to be honest it’s put a real dampener on my enthusiasm but it hasn’t put the fire out altogether.

 Are there any Subaru auto owners on there that could give me some pointers on life with a cvt ? What to look for when buying? Experience of reliability? I’d be most grateful as I’m quite eager to land a scooby and scratch an itch 



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The CVT on my Levorg 1.6 turbo is superb. Far better in every way to the old 5 speed auto. A lot of people seem to dismiss it out of hand, without ever driving one, assuming it acts like a Yaris or something. I've owned every type of Subaru gearbox, 5 and 6 speed manual, 4 and 5 speed autos, and imo the CVT is best of the lot. Having said that, it doesn't work as well on a non-turbo car - the Levorg has max torque from 1800 rpm so doesn't need to rev as high when accelerating unlike the XV and Outback. 

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Just wait until you have to take over on a skinny road, or until you'll need to service the box.

Just saying. 

Oh, and forget McRae. CVT is like the saing " run with the big dogs or stay on front porch and bark".

Good luck with it, but please come back and let us know, is it a " big dog" ?

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