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Subaru wrx 2.0

Rusty Rhys

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Hi I’m looking at buying my first Subaru as it is a dream car of mine 

originally I was looking at a gb270 but the car sold I was gutted. I have now come across a 2005 Subaru Impreza wrx with the 2.0lt engine it’s done 44000 miles and up for sale for 7000 does this price sound reasonable? Is the 2005 wrx a good car mechanically and in general 

any information is appreciated


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The 2ltr definitely has a better reputation for reliability and there is a buyers guide in the impreza tech section. 

As for price its definitely at the top end of blob wrx price range but if its rust free full service history, recent cambelt ect . It does sound like a "good car " 

Saying that prices are everywhere atm and seeing as clean classics are fetching £6k + I think everyone assumes newer versions are worth more . Unfortunately I dont think that's the case for most examples . as classics hit rock bottom about 6 years ago and the clean ones are now on the up . Whereas most blob /hawks haven't hit rock bottom yet and a lot are failing mots due to rust.

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Thanks for the reply I will have a look at the buyers guide

I’ve been speaking to the seller it’s only got part service history and has never had the cam belt done. I’m a mechanic myself so the cam belt is no issue apart from the expense of the parts to do the job. It is a private seller so I will be knocking the price down where I can. The car has been dry stored since 2018 tho he claims the car is in really good condition no rust any where. Looks well on the photos even looks clean under the bonnet only after market parts fit is a dump valve and spray flaps. so hopefully the engine hasn’t had to much abuse and strain. What do you think would be a good offer for this car?


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Tbh I couldn't tell you what a good price is , I've seen loads up for sale recently and the prices are all over the place .

Seing as it's part history and is well overdue a full cambelt kit. 

If you took it to a garage it would be around £550 in parts for cambelt ,plugs ,dif ,box and engine oil .

Probably add another £200 for labour , so I'd want at least that off the price 

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Thanks for the advise been a great help. 
Im going to explain to the seller about the work that needs doing and put a cheeky offer in of 5000 and go from there. If I end up with the car I will upload some pictures, thanks again



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