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Maintenance costs


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Looks like I might be buying a 2018+ XV within the next few months, just a few questions about maintenance/reliability before I commit.


1 - Parts availability

I understand that Subaru aren't as big here as they are across the pond but I'm really struggling to find any online store selling parts for the XV (even the older gen when I was considering that). The usual sites I'd use aren't returning anything so I'm concerned I'd be forced to go through a Subaru dealer (£££) for routine stuff. Has this been the case for any of you guys?


2 - CVT transmission

How's the transmission holding up, and what's the reliability like? I've had a 2 hour test drive around the Peak District and it held up amazingly (especially compared to my current 1.2 Corsa...), however, I did feel the car rubber band slightly when pulling away at slower speeds. I can't say for sure if this was happening, or if it was a sort of phantom feeling so to speak, as it was something I'd seen discussed elsewhere.

My biggest fear with the CVT is should the thing need replacing. I intend to keep the vehicle until its on its last legs, but from what I've heard any issue with it would result in a total replacement due to it being a sealed unit. Again, I can't gauge a price on what this would be but I've seen uncomfortably big numbers thrown about.


Any input is greatly appreciated, if I can get these last couple of questioned sorted I think its going to be a definite buy.




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I can not really answer your questions directly but I can offer a couple of my own observations.

The parts supply issue is as you've indicated due to the low sales volumes in the UK. Little point is sourcing alternatives when you'r unlikely to be able to sell them. 

I've had a few Subarus in the past but my current XV is the only one with a CVT.  I did my own research into the Subaru CVT before I bought my 2018 XV what I found was that earlier models were not so good, with a variety of issues, leaks, stuttering, poor pickup etc., however, more recent models have been pretty good.  Some of the reviews I read at the time of purchase even commented on the improved CVT performance and improvements.  I think with the CVT you either hate them or live with them.  I find my car more than acceptable though not a good as the dual clutch auto (DSG) in my previous Skoda which was as smooth as silk.  Subaru do sell a lot of cars in the USA and I'm sure if there were major issues you'd be able to pick up a sense of it in reviews over there.  There has been an earlier post on one owner who is experiencing acceleration lag.

You don't say if the XV would be a new model, obviously with a new car you'd have the 3 years warranty. I have to say, as I've done elsewhere on this forum, it is a lovely car to drive.  I spend a lot of time in Derbyshire, many weeks of the year under normal circumstances and it is very comfortable and secure footed, try the Leek to Buxton road but look out for the cameras.

I hope you get the information you require to help with your decision.

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