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  1. @JC2, no I’m moving to a Toyota RAV4. As I’ve said the XV is enjoyable and planted to drive, you need to have a decent test drive. I’m sure others will comment so it will give you a better balance of experiences. Just rechecked the first 2 service invoices, 1st one was £325 and 2nd £406, obviously dealer prices as I wanted to be secure in the warranty. I’m aware that I could go elsewhere as long as they certified they had used OEM materials and completed the service fully as defined by the service handbook) Outside the warrany you could do it yourself or go an independent or tyre fitti
  2. Hi, Disclosure, I’m on the point of trading my XV in for another car so my view is based on that. it’s a great car to drive and I’m happy with the CVT and as long as your not very heavy with the right foot. However, if you accelerate at a brisk pace then the CVT will act like most CVT’s and give you a roar with high engine revs. This has never bothered me as my driving style naturally allows for that. Make sure your happy with the boot space and check out if you can work with it say for a holiday trip the rear seats go down so there is extra load space if you don’t have passeng
  3. @Rocket Gold Star you’ve obviously gone to a great deal of trouble to source and find alternatives and reasonably priced. I figure the average car owner is not going to do that and will just have to rock up at the dealers and pay the man. Wheel bearings and front pads seem to be a feature that crops up regularly. I honestly can not remember having to think about issues such as these within the warranty period of the cars. (Apologies for going way off subject during this thread)
  4. @kash0613 Looks great and I’m sure you’ll be counting the days down. I think it’s far to say that we are doing our bit to help the economy bounce back after the Covid situation! 😄 is that the colour you’ve chosen? What finally decided you to move away from the Subaru? My RAV is on UK soil and still due at the end of the month, fingers crossed. I went for a red body and black roof combination.
  5. Sorry, I thought you’d indicated that you had some interest in the MG HS. The Cupra is a nice car and is fast as you say, the RAV will manage 0-60 in 5.7secs but that’s not my real goal in moving on, that said it’s always useful to have a bit of ‘go’ if and when needed. It was strange to drive a big, heavy car and experience a push in the back when the peddle was pushed. Glad you got the brakes sorted it will be interesting to see what you do when the time comes?
  6. I know we’ve said it before but buying bits for the Subaru is a pain. Are the Michelin’s CrossClimates? Hope it’s all sorted now for you? I saw a MG HS PHEV today driving through Chesterfield, it looked really nice as we were behind and then along side we were able to get a good eyeball.
  7. Interestingly Subaru for 2020 was a poor year for UK and EU, really poor. In the US they sold 612K cars. Some of the headlines for the EU have stated with something like “despite a disaster in 2020” Subaru will remain in the EU market. It does seem to me that the joint development of cars with Toyota might be the saviour for Subaru in the medium to long term. They would still need to differentiate themselves and give a much longer warranty, at least 5 years and better support logistics.
  8. @Rocket Gold Star what a pain in the **** and £300 down. That really puts you off the dealer a d I think we can all sympathise but in many ways there’s not much you can do except try to find another dealer. I’ve had a quick look and can’t see anything like the shims you’re after so I think you’ll have to try to get a dealer to order them for you. Maybe try, or something similar, good luck.
  9. @kash0613 I think your right I’ve been doing some searching and from what I can find in 2018 there were 75 dealers and in 2020 only 69. Interestingly in August 2020 Subaru UK sold only 34 cars but still are targeting 3500 per annually, obviously Covid has had an impact but other makes seem to be suggesting good sales.
  10. Agreed, and it was only in 2019 that the new man at the head of Subaru UK was saying that they acknowledged that they had treated the UK Subaru customers badly and we’re going to target 10K car sales rather than the 4k which had been reducing over time. He also said they would add extra dealers and I believe they added 4 more over the last 2 years (Covid can not of helped).
  11. Sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble finding pads. I’m sorry to bang on about it but it’s a problem of having a car with such low UK production problems. My MOT a few weeks ago said I should monitor the brakes and when I talked to the tester he said I’d need to change them by the next MOT but they were OK in the medium term. There looks to me to be 5mm+ of material still there. Just hope you manage to get it sorted ASAP, I share your pain, good luck.
  12. ernieb

    Moving on

    This is what I really want or the Subaru version,
  13. ernieb

    Moving on

    @kash0613 understand about the caravan we had one for for about 10 years and needed a decent car weight, hitch nose weight and torque from the car to make driving comfortable. I always wanted to keep to the 85% rule. The very best tow car was the Isuzu Trooper, 3.5 Turbo D, which could tow most things up the side of a house! Of course not much good in terms of emissions etc., different times. Agree that Subaru have not kept up the pace on electrification etc., although they released cars in the US that never made the grade. I really think the next big step is the BZ joint development wi
  14. ernieb

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    @kash0613 sounds like you have a good plan and for similar reasons in terms of car size. Although I liked the XV MHV the boot size is reduced even further. I do think there will be a few more cars with a decent PHEV range on the market soon and they make sense as a bridging car to full EV, for me the range anxiety of going to a full EV right now just would not work. The MG looks good and I think is good value right now and priced to build market share, similar to the Skoda brand a few years ago. I will be keeping up to date with the forum and if I can make a comment I will do so b
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