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  1. ernieb

    2nd Service

    @SebP10, glad it worked out for you, I’ve always been happy with them either buying or having the car maintained. I honestly think that the “family” feel runs through some organisations and that comes through all aspects of the business. Subaru services and spares etc., are not inexpensive so it’s always good to feel that your getting the best value for money and are not going to be “sold” up at every opportunity.
  2. Sorry I’m not able to comment on this car but if all else fails it might be worth trying one of the sites that will, for a fee, give you the cars history. It will at least tell you if it’s been in an accident? Is it from a dealer because they should be able to pull up the service history and other information about any work that has been carried out on the car.
  3. Posted in wrong thread sorry
  4. Sorry not able to help you but if all else fails it might be worth checking it out via one of the many vehicle history sites. Whilst there is a fee it may give you some basic data and tell you if it’s been in an accident.
  5. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, I always reason what price safety and security. I’ve done about 16k plus on my once’s fitted to the XV and still showing 6mm of tread.
  6. Somewhat surprised that manufacturers continue to push pure petrol cars into the market. However, having owned a few caravans in my time I understand the desire for good torque. Even the hybrid XV is only a mild hybrid and I guess if they tried to increase the battery size we’d end up with no boot at all. We need better battery technology with higher power density.
  7. ernieb

    2nd Service

    They seem to do well in terms of customer service with people buying cars over many years. They are a family business run by the three sons of the original owner. The service history was included with my 2 services that the XV has had since the change. The last service printed gives both of the service history, giving dates etc. Easy to copy that if you needed proof for another purpose.
  8. So typical, some years ago we did over our kitchen and bought new appliances little thinking that as time went on and the first one expired so did the next etc., it’s life.....
  9. Agree that tyre rotation is a real pain with no spare it might be worth finding a cheap tyre saver just as an aid. There is also, I believe, an issue as to how you rotate the tyres depending of whether you have non or uni directional tyres fitted. The non directional is I think the cross pattern and the directional just front to back on the same side. When I had the service completed the garage measure mine and I think rotated them? This is what they measure as now fitted. NSF - 4,6,6,6,4 OSF - 5,6,6,6,5 OSR - 4,6,6,5,5 NSR - 5,5,6,5,4 so I now have the “better” tyres (marginal) on the front
  10. I very much like my Subaru, this is my third over the years, but I’m constantly baffled as to why they fit what I consider to be relatively poor tyres when in all other aspects of performance on and off road and safety they are so good. I guess they are hooked up with a tyre supplier and fit what’s the best deal or maybe even assume the new owner is likely to change them?? Whatever the reason I’ve always ended up changing the tyres before the first years ownership is completed never wanting to go through a wet cold autumn or winter. So when I buy a new car I always tell the dealer I need to factor in replacing the tyres when I negotiate the cost of change.
  11. Interesting thread, my CrossClimates SUV’s I fitted were from Costco and were the SUV spec. The ride is not affected so probably more to do with construction than anything else they also are embossed with the snowflake/mountain and M+S. My XV has the 18” wheels I’d have preferred 17” but that’s what comes with the rest of the premium spec so having a good quality tyre particularly in poor weather is in my mind essential. I find it’s noticeable that as the temperature drops below 10oC that the normal OEM summer tyre side walls become so stiff that any bump or pothole is a painful experience this is where I’ve found the CrossClimates to really excel, the side walls still remain compliant and give a smooth reassuring ride.
  12. Some years ago now I had a Forrester that was fitted with Yokohama tyres from new so it’s not probably a reflection of your more modern day situation. However that said, they were the worst tyre I’ve ever had on a car braking in the wet was an utterly frightening experience. Needless to say they were changed at the earliest opportunity. I know people swear by the brand and I guess that modern type compound formulations are very different but it’s still in my head! I swear by the Michelin Cross Climates which are wearing very well and perform faultlessly whatever the season. I think Goodyear do a similar tyre. Hope you can get it sorted there’s so little tyre actually in contact with the road that you want what’s there to be effective in every season.
  13. Sounds like an honest assessment, so easy to have said “damage” and tried to make you pay. Glad your getting it sorted.
  14. ernieb

    2nd Service

    I see you’re location is Bedfordshire which dealer do you use, Adams?
  15. ernieb

    2nd Service

    Sounds similar setup to my dealer, the bomb was, as I said, an extra but they did say its use was approved by Subaru UK.