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  1. Slight knock under light load

    Whilst I’m not at all familiar with current Subaru diesels I have noticed strange noises etc., when the engine in entering or leaving a regeneration cycle. Again, I’m not sure how the Subaru does a regen., but a possibility?
  2. Slight knock under light load

    @Dogconker, at least getting the dealer involved logs the problem into the system, hope you can get it resolved ASAP.
  3. Headlight bulbs

    Not come across those blades before but they look very interesting. Thanks.
  4. Roof Bars

    Thanks, I’ve looked at a few but my concern is the noise generated. I’m often travelling up the M1 some 100 miles or so and my original square bars gave you a headache at the end of the trip. The aero bars are virtually silent, for just around the houses the square non aero bars seem to be fine. ill probably wait till I get the car before I decide what to do, roll on the end of May!
  5. Headlight bulbs

    It’s always worth asking the question you might get a “good will” contribution?
  6. Radio problems

    Don’t think this is a problem confined to Subaru I’ve heard of other brands with similar aerial problems.
  7. Winter tyre size

    You can get that size in CrossClimate and CrossClimate +, I think the SUV version is “new” so like all the tyre types they introduce them in the most popular sizes initially. As many of the CrossClimate tyres seem to come with an extra loading, XL, then I wonder if the update too the SUV tyre would make much differerence under normal driving conditions. I’ve been very happy with the standard original CrossClimate tyres on the Yeti and have driven in some pretty appalling conditions around Derbyshire in all seasons.
  8. Winter tyre size

    It definitely true that each tyre manufacturer has slightly different specs and sizing.
  9. Headlight bulbs

    Agreed, the Bosch Aero blades are brilliant and so much better than the Skoda OEM blades. I’ve bought via eBay and Costco all for good prices.
  10. Winter tyre size

    Interesting. A couple of questions have you noticed any difference in ride quality as the Crossclimate has a strengthened wall over the standard Crossclimate? Your tyres are 235/55 R17 are they on 7J rims? The XV I have on order has 18” rims and is spec’d for 225/55. Not sure that I’d be able fit 235/55 R18 on the 7J rims on the XV 2018 model?
  11. Headlight bulbs

    Looks like the general exclusions are Brake pads, wiper blades and batteries are obvious exclusions, but expensive parts such as air conditioning units are also often excluded.
  12. Headlight bulbs

    Now that would be a first! I've always taken things like wipers to be so called knock off spares, consumable. But I would dearly love to be proved wrong. I tend to change my blades every year a small cost to be able to see clearly and safely.
  13. Roof Bars

    Hi Jarvis, I can not talk about the XV yet as mine is on order but the difference between the standard square cross section and aero bars on the Yeti is marked. I can not really tell when the aero bars are on but it’s noticeable when the original square were fitted. Which is why I’m looking for an aero bar myself, probably Thule.
  14. Roof Bars

    I’ve looked nothing doing but always a good idea. I use then from time to time, however, I have a similar set right now on the Yeti and they’ve been on for a few months with no noticeable increase in either fuel or noise, good design always works. They have different fittings to the XV unfortunately.
  15. Roof Bars

    @Old Rover, thanks for the info, always worth keeping an eye out at Aldi or Lidi.