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  1. Totally agree with you and part of the problem is that these items are badged from other manufactures, e.g. Harman, so the real expertise and possible liability is with a third party. Your claim, however, is with Subaru UK. Good luck and hope you have some success but these things are always trying and potentially long winded.
  2. Unless the unit is defective the most likely problem is that the internal firmware/software is corrupted so that the boot up process is being stalled. The XV I owned was a later model but if it were mine I’d locate the radio fuse and take it out for a while and hope this might clear any internal data. Try a reboot. If that did not clear the issue then download the latest firmware/software onto a USB and see if I could get the unit to reinstall the operating system. (Or SD card not sure how your unit works but the Subaru support page should help you with that) Not much help I’m afraid but it does look essentially like a boot up problem. Sadly most garages in my experience have no knowledge or interest in sorting Head Unit problems. There are specialist companies who sell units and a call to them or a visit might be beneficial. Hope you get it sorted.
  3. Best advice don’t look book a test drive, it’s a different experience driving an hybrid car. Reading specs and the like is one thing but it’s a different feeling to drive, try to get at least a couple of hours if you can. My dealer was very good and just gave me the keys and told me when the garage closed. Keep us posted on what you decide as you’ve said the XV is good for the next 13 months but it might be worth testing out something different. Good luck whatever you decide.
  4. @kash0613, It's such a pain buying a car right now. The joy is sucked out of the experience almost from day 1 of placing the order. It appears that some manufactures are better than others and on the Toyota Owners Forum (RAV4) they are reporting an upgraded HEV version, better equipped and a lower price and some are getting very quick build slots. They have mitigated the chip issue better than others due to policy of forward buying. I can appreciate how you feel, it's difficult but you might well be in a similar position in 12 months time who knows what's ahead of use? But as you've said you have a car that works and are happy with so maybe sitting tight is the best option. Let us know what you decide I'd be really interested to know.
  5. @kash0613, as has been said before the low sales volume of all the Subaru cars put together in the UK just does not justify more variations. I did recently get a letter telling me they had appointed another dealer near me, that would help if I every go back to a Subaru car, currently very happy with the RAV4 PHEV. Enjoy your new motor.
  6. @kash0613, sorry to hear the issues you’ve got the brakes on the XV have become a right pain in the BTM! What car have you got on order?
  7. Always good to have a solution.
  8. Yes and unfortunately in this case there is no way you can use any methods of protection! I’m sure someone will know.
  9. Sorry I have no idea but have you tried plugging into the mating cable?
  10. I have the RAV4 PHEV 302hp, 18.1 KWh battery so about 45 to 50 miles range on EV. Today I did a trip from Derbyshire to Bedfordshire mainly M1 (100miles) all at speed limits. EV 44miles the rest at 57mpg, the HEV mode works really well very quiet engine (2.5ltr Atkinson Cycle) 0-60mph in 5.7 secs. It’s heavy but handles really well, clever engine management with an app to precondition the cabin, and built in charger 240v or Type2, cables provided. Easy to set the leaving time on the app and precondition set to on and the car is ready with a full charge and the energy used to heat or cool the car taken from the charger not the on board traction battery. It’s not cheap to be sure but I really love to drive this car. If it’s a company car then it’s a steal as the tax is based on the WLTP at 22gms, I’m a private buyer. The let down is the in built Head Unit, somewhat clunky by modern standards but I use Android Auto/Waze and it’s bullet proof unlike the XV, sometimes I had issues with it after phone app updates. Nothing’s perfect but right now I’d choose the same again. The Hybrid version is also a very good buy, much cheaper cash outlay and good economics. The Toyota Owners Forum is very active and there is a good level of friendly. Hope that helps?
  11. Whilst I’ve moved onto RAV4 PHEV it’s still interesting to see what’s going on it XV land, not much looking at the postings? For the XV that’s pretty good I’d say. I always found the trip computer best part of 10% optimistic. You sound like your enjoying the car and that’s got to be a positive.
  12. I think it’s certainly true that the tyres need to rotate regularly and then when it’s parked again it’s likely that the tyre will touch the road on a different section. Glad you like the CrossClimates.
  13. Glad you got it sorted I bet your pleased it’s been a long and winding road? The colour match won’t last long a few miles and it will be just brake dust.
  14. @kash0613, I can understand the feeling but at least they some effort. Confidence in anything is so hard to come by and so very easy to be lost. I’m always amazed that some dealers struggle to understand that simple principle and always make life so much more difficult than it need be.
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