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  1. I’m getting an indicated 39mpg but checking against the pump records that’s about 35.6mpg. I do use the ACC a lot when on the motorway.
  2. Agreed, seen it on YouTube. The boot space pretty restricted and not a great deal of battery range. The boot space on the pure petrol XV is not great in my opinion, the hybrid version (UK) it is more or less level with the door sill and from what I see of the PHEV it’s much more restricted. When I’d originally talked to the Subaru dealer about the new chassis design he’d indicated that there would be space for batteries in the floor pan but does not seem to have been correct. i guess any amount of battery to recover energy from breaking etc., is worth having but at what cost? I’ve just received a £2k offer from Subaru UK against the purchase of a new XV. Not likely to go for that right now.
  3. I agree although I’ve driven the current hybrid model before it was launched on a test day. Appreciated the extras and the punchier feel to the drive, but no hybrid range, just a “mild” hybrid. I wonder how much heavier a PHEV XV would be and how on earth they’d fit a decent battery without a major impact on boot size. There is no doubt in my mind that the current all wheel drive might at some point have to be sacrificed for an electronic variant to reduce weight and and facilitate electric motors. Controversial I know but maybe provoke a wider discussion?
  4. That’s a pain in the BTM, sorry can’t help with that one.
  5. Very much cleaner than mine right now but exactly the same car. It’s one of the only cars fro many years that I’ve been able to drive for a few hours and get out feeling like I’d be happy to drive further. Enjoy
  6. @kash0613 let us know what your first thoughts are when you’ve had a drive?
  7. The biggest change I found to my previous car Skoda Yeti DSG was the Subaru CVT, hard acceleration will make one hell of a racket as the engine powers at high revs. I found very quickly that an easy right foot accelerated the car just as quickly without the attendant noise. The paddles are not so good on up shifts but very useful coming down. I know they are ‘fake’ but it works well enough. Where I live there are loads of 20mph areas that alternate to 30mph. Seeing the 20mph sign it’s enough to hit the down paddle a couple of times and the car cruises to 20mph, same going down from 40 to 30. The ACC works well even at 20mph. (One of the 20mph roads near me had over 1600 speed fines in a month) not trying to teach you to suck eggs just my experience. enjoy!
  8. My XV has been faultless since we picked it up new May 2018, I’m getting 39mpg indicated but about 35mpg real. The safety features, adaptive cruise control, lane guidance etc., are a joy particularly when on motorways, roadworks, stop start no problem. The switch that’s used to set the speed can be used to change the set speed, push down to reduce and up to increase. (If you just tap the switch up it will increase from say 32mph to 35mph, another tap 40mph etc.) on the M1 there is a 60mph section then reduces to 50mph, so two taps down and the car drops from 60 to 50mph, easy. The CrossClimate SUV tyres are a joy in any conditions and feel solid under the car. i hope you enjoy the XV, we are!
  9. Yes indeed, the maps are updated for me via a web site but for you they will probably be “over the air”. I my case because of the delay in getting the updates they extended the map update period by a year. The TomTom maps work well enough but I still tend to use Waze even on journeys I do all the time as the traffic, breakdowns etc., data updated in real time are very useful. Enjoy the new XV, ours is red and we are very happy with its overall performance.
  10. Snow = try Scotland later today!
  11. As bode, mine were fitted as part of the purchase deal. Something I slipped into close the deal? Ernie
  12. Not done anything like this on any of my SUBARU cars but suggest if you are happy to do the work and can get the parts go down that route. In the past I’ve tried to do these types of jobs myself so that I can input some quality control and look out for other potential issues. I’m also a fan, as you’ve suggested of doing as much to replace parts whilst the bits are stripped off?
  13. I bought the genuine Subaru ones when I ordered the car and they have worn pretty badly with quite bad heel marks. They still do a good job and are much better, in my opinion, to the fabric versions. Easily removed to wash and clean.
  14. I’ve had mixed experience of Auto Stop Start in the past. The XV seems to work really well and I like the feature that instead of just having to release the foot brake I can increase the foot brake pressure to restart the engine, great if your on an incline. I last reset mine about 9 months ago, it’s showing that I’ve saved 2 gallons and it’s been stopped 6 hours. Not a great saving I guess in the scheme of things but less pollution has been put into the environment. Ernie
  15. ernieb

    xv off road?

    you need to check this out I'm not so sure the XV ground clearance would be OK at this site?