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  1. ernieb

    Oil change intervals for a petrol Xv?

    My 2018 XV is 12K.
  2. ernieb

    Simpsons Subaru (not the dealer..)

    I see the copyright was 2016, so must have been around for awhile. Not seen it before myself.
  3. ernieb

    New XV on order

    Further Update. I've changed the tyres to Michelle CrossClimate SUV (225/55 R18). Got these at Costco, good deal on the tyres, fittings etc., plus I got them when they were offing £80 off a set of 4. Unfortunately, and to cut a long story short, they damaged one of the TPMS sensors. No issue that they would cover the cost etc., ordered an OEM sensor and delivered next day (£120), fitted and all OK. Already pleased with the results, much quieter and a good feel on the road. If they perform as well as the sets I’ve fitted to my previous car I’ll be very happy. As an aside the 2018 TPMS sensor does not look as robust as the previous versions I’ve seen online. The damage to the one on my tyre was a clear plastic cover which is stuck on and not a complete molded item and looks very vulnerable. Very expensive at £120. The Costco team has a TPMS tester which was used to diagnose the original defect and then used to “pair” the new sensor to the car via the OBD II port.
  4. ernieb

    Driver’s seat damage

    Sounds like a good move, dealers and see what they say? Hope you get it sorted, these things are such a pain when they occur.
  5. ernieb

    New XV on order

    Quick Update, I’ve still not had an update on the TomTom maps. My dealer has tried repeatedly to get Subaru UK Technical to give a date and update method and has none got his MD involved to add some weight to getting answers. The Head Unit wants to try to update via WiFi, fine by me but Subaru UK are suggesting they might not use this method but could use a download and USB or worse still a return to the garage for each update. I’m entitled to 3 years of updates which I’d supposed to be every 6 months but have been told this is most likely to be every year, so my first update when it arrives will only bring the maps up to an accuracy that I’d have expected when I picked up the car. I’ve already requested that the “free” map updates should be extended by a year to cover the inaccuracies that currently exist. So four months in a still waiting for answers, pretty poor customer service I think.
  6. ernieb

    Driver’s seat damage

    Looks likely that the leather has been caught or pinched by the seat base, how old is the car “warranty”? Not seen this before on any car I’ve owned, I’ve had a seat swab collapse and considering my fame and weight it was deemed a manufacturing fault.
  7. ernieb

    Ceramic Paint Treatment - Test

    Thanks for the update, it does look good.
  8. ernieb

    XV Birthday Cake

    Brilliant cake
  9. ernieb

    What did you do to your XV today???

    Would you consider treating the van with the same ceramic coating? I know from experience what a pain it it to keep a van clean?
  10. ernieb

    What did you do to your XV today???

    There are some lovely but tricky roads around the Peak District a very much under rated part of the UK, mind you the upside is that there are not quite so many people flocking there as Cumbria and the Yorkshire Dales. The TV adverts are a push by the new top man at Subaru UK who has also managed to engage a few more dealers after holding a 'franchise fair'.
  11. ernieb

    Ceramic Paint Treatment - Test

    Got to say that the finish is very much like "glass". Could you post a photo after we've had some rain and when the cars have not been cleaned. It would be good to see if the hydroscopic effect works when there is muck and dust around and the car is subjected to the micro 'crap' that comes with the rain as it pulls pollutants out of the sky? Overall, it does look like your efforts have been well rewarded.
  12. ernieb

    Ceramic Paint Treatment - Test

    Very good result it will be interesting to see how well it really does after 12months. Great before and after video.
  13. ernieb

    4 wheel alignment

    I’d be pretty sure the chassis and major components are going to be identical.
  14. ernieb

    Roof Bars

    Rather surprisingly I’ve found that the Aerobars I bought for the Yeti had enough adjustment to fit on the XV, really happy with that as it saved some money which will go towards the new set of CrossClimate SUV tyres. thanks for the replies.