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  1. Yes indeed, the maps are updated for me via a web site but for you they will probably be “over the air”. I my case because of the delay in getting the updates they extended the map update period by a year. The TomTom maps work well enough but I still tend to use Waze even on journeys I do all the time as the traffic, breakdowns etc., data updated in real time are very useful. Enjoy the new XV, ours is red and we are very happy with its overall performance.
  2. Snow = try Scotland later today!
  3. As bode, mine were fitted as part of the purchase deal. Something I slipped into close the deal? Ernie
  4. Not done anything like this on any of my SUBARU cars but suggest if you are happy to do the work and can get the parts go down that route. In the past I’ve tried to do these types of jobs myself so that I can input some quality control and look out for other potential issues. I’m also a fan, as you’ve suggested of doing as much to replace parts whilst the bits are stripped off?
  5. I bought the genuine Subaru ones when I ordered the car and they have worn pretty badly with quite bad heel marks. They still do a good job and are much better, in my opinion, to the fabric versions. Easily removed to wash and clean.
  6. I’ve had mixed experience of Auto Stop Start in the past. The XV seems to work really well and I like the feature that instead of just having to release the foot brake I can increase the foot brake pressure to restart the engine, great if your on an incline. I last reset mine about 9 months ago, it’s showing that I’ve saved 2 gallons and it’s been stopped 6 hours. Not a great saving I guess in the scheme of things but less pollution has been put into the environment. Ernie
  7. ernieb

    xv off road?

    you need to check this out I'm not so sure the XV ground clearance would be OK at this site?
  8. The good thing, whatever happens, is having a car that will cope and do it very well.
  9. Nice car, good choice if you need the space, enjoy.
  10. ernieb

    XV video

    Impressive, thanks.
  11. Oh! the joy of a new car. Enjoy.
  12. I'd love to have a a real spare tyre. The problem is the size just eats the already smallish boot......
  13. I bought my CrossClimate SUV from Costco, good value. They did damage a sensor valve but did not quibble, bought an OEM replacement which they payed for £104, fitted, all good. I’ve been through last winter but used the CrossClimate tyres on two previous Skoda Yeti, in very deep snow, ice and floods, very comfortable and secure.
  14. That looks good, it’s the way the car should have been delivered rather than the chrome.
  15. I’ve got Cross Climates SUV on my XV, brilliant in a word.
  16. It might just do if your body was shielding the key fob anyway it's a cheap enough fix to try.
  17. they look so much better than the standard chrome finish.
  18. Hi, Assume you'r not going to buy new as currently XV's are only sold with a petrol engine and a CVT automatic gearbox?
  19. As you say simple when you know but what a pain in the !!!
  20. @ade sounds like you are overall happy with what’s been achieved, pity the reversing camera is not functioning, sounds weird as you’ve indicated. Enrie
  21. At least there's progress and you can see the end in sight?
  22. It might, in the end, be the best option to let them sort it for a fixed price. if it does not work you don't pay and they will sort any issues with coding (if required)
  23. @Ade, Sounds more like they got you the wrong cable, I feel for you. Maybe try and photograph the cables you have to help the company who supplied the harness identify a correct version?
  24. Fingers crossed 🤞