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  1. @Gary Buchs Still very happy with our XV, 10 months on and about 10K miles. It continues to perform well and the Eyesight technology is fantastic making stop start trips on the M1 though road works a comfortable drive. I spend a couple of months each year in Derbyshire so I'm happy to report it also copes well with the 4 seasons in a day that seem to regularly occur, the Cross Climate tyres really help. The only downside is that I'm still awaiting the TomTom map updates!!! They were out of date when I collected the car and are supposed to be updated every year, my dealer is unable to give me a date as to when and how this will occur, dealer or over the air (this function is built into the car but not confirmed as being the way the map updates will happen. Happily the Android Auto works really well, charges the phone and using Goggle/Waze I get very good road, traffic information. Good luck with the test drive and let us know how you get on? Ernie
  2. Interesting, I’ve not had mine not open but have noticed a certain reluctance but put it down to cold hands rather than the car. From your posting it looks like there is an issue with the design as the UK temperatures are not the worst this car will see. Maybe the lubrication they are using is not cold weather tolerant? Thanks for posting.
  3. Interesting comments about potholes. We all can tell stories of potholes as most roads in the UK have them but the situation seems to be getting worse rather than better. Even worse now is the number of near misses I see where drivers try to avoid them swerving at the last second into traffic. I've just reported one outside our house that was repaired, badly, a few years ago but has very quickly reopened and is now 90 x 50cm and spits stones onto the drive. I've certainly seem cars with rims that have disintegrated as a result of potholes so the potential damage to the suspension and drive systems must be high. Anyway glad you got it sorted.
  4. ernieb

    Bye bye folks

    Hope it all works for you with the new car it's always a shame when circumstances force a change that in your heart you really don't want. Ernie
  5. That looks to have been a real pain it the BTM!
  6. I don’t have a roof box but the wing bars are very good, super quiet. Happy Christmas and New Year to all.
  7. I had mine fitted as part of the deal, I usually throw that in at the end as a final sweetener! I see you have the CrossClimates fitted, very happy with mine.
  8. @Dogconker good luck with the new car, I had an Isuzu Trooper 3.1D many years ago and that would tow my van up the side of the house if I asked it too. I’m sure this will e very similar, good luck with it.
  9. @Norrie, I hope you get the car fixed OK but it's a little worrying as the failures you'r experiencing should not be occurring at that milage. It's the kind of thing I'd have expected back in the 70's rather than with a modern car. It sounds potentially like a "batch" failure of the parts at the time your car was produced although that is little comfort to you.
  10. I've only done a few K on the Subaru but used them on the Skoda Yeti, there was still plenty of rubber after 34K when I sold the car so I've not run them to end of life. I think when I sold the car there was 5/6mm so should give many more miles. However, I bought the tyre in particular for it's wet and cold/wet performance which is what we seem to get most of the time in the UK. The SUV version of the CrossClimate is what I have fitted on the XV and I done about 2K and it shows no signs of any wear.
  11. On the Subaru I’ve fitted the CrossClimate SUV version of the tyre. I got mine from Costco when they offering £80 off a set of four. Just checked Costco are making the same offer till the 25th November, bought on line.
  12. I've used the CrossClimates on my previous car, Skoda Yeti, it proved to be very good in all kinds and types of weather. We travel from home to Derbyshire very frequently during the yea including the winter months. they have coped with quite heavy snow, 30cm, with no problems. They are "3 peaks" and retain there breaking and steering performance as the temperature drops below 7oC, unlike "summer tyres". They are made of a mixture or natural and synthetic "rubber" so retain there flexibility as compared to "summer" tyres which go hard as the temperature drops. The breaking performance is retained throughout the year. In the Subaru they feels well planted and I'm very happy with the ride and lower tyre noise as compared to the OEM tyres that were fitted. Before the CrossClimate tyres I used to do the summer/winter tyre change over, which meant storing one set of wheels/tyres when the alternate set were fitted as well as judging when to make the change? Check out some of the YouTube videos of tyre comparisons, its very convincing.
  13. Product Code: SP26S / SP16 This web site shows the "hook Arm" so should be correct.
  14. ernieb

    Goodbye XV

    Great choice, the rear bumper protector works well on my XV.
  15. Thanks, looking good. I've just changed the OEM tyres to CrossClimates in anticipation!
  16. I think the rear one 300mm is a Bosch H306
  17. As far as I know these should fit, Ive not purchased any for my car yet although the fitted OEM ones on my car are currently showing signs of streak marks. Bosch Aerotwin Retro-Fit 26/16" Front Windscreen Wiper Blades Pair Set - AR141S
  18. My understanding is that the TPMS setup will allow you to select the tyre pressure units, psi etc., and three different sets of pressure values. So I have TPMS 1 set to normal tyre pressures and could have TPMS 2 set to winter tyre pressures and TPMS 3 set to caravan towing pressures. No need for anything other than set the tyre pressure and reset TPMS with the dash button at 15 degree C approx. (Unless the battery fails, typically 5-6 years, the system sleeps until the wheel rotates) I had a new TPMS sensor fitted when the tyres were changed and one was damaged, the fitter used an OBD 2 connector to pair the new sensor with the car. ( he’d checked each sensor out by passing a device over the tyre valve and waking the sensor to teil what pressure was set)
  19. I reset mine by using the TPMS switch presss for a few seconds, then press to select TPMS 1, 2 or 3, then press again for a few seconds. Works every time. (2018. XV but I guess it’s going to be very similar whatever the year). I understand that the 3 options are for say summer, winter or towing pressure.
  20. I see the copyright was 2016, so must have been around for awhile. Not seen it before myself.
  21. Further Update. I've changed the tyres to Michelle CrossClimate SUV (225/55 R18). Got these at Costco, good deal on the tyres, fittings etc., plus I got them when they were offing £80 off a set of 4. Unfortunately, and to cut a long story short, they damaged one of the TPMS sensors. No issue that they would cover the cost etc., ordered an OEM sensor and delivered next day (£120), fitted and all OK. Already pleased with the results, much quieter and a good feel on the road. If they perform as well as the sets I’ve fitted to my previous car I’ll be very happy. As an aside the 2018 TPMS sensor does not look as robust as the previous versions I’ve seen online. The damage to the one on my tyre was a clear plastic cover which is stuck on and not a complete molded item and looks very vulnerable. Very expensive at £120. The Costco team has a TPMS tester which was used to diagnose the original defect and then used to “pair” the new sensor to the car via the OBD II port.
  22. Sounds like a good move, dealers and see what they say? Hope you get it sorted, these things are such a pain when they occur.
  23. Quick Update, I’ve still not had an update on the TomTom maps. My dealer has tried repeatedly to get Subaru UK Technical to give a date and update method and has none got his MD involved to add some weight to getting answers. The Head Unit wants to try to update via WiFi, fine by me but Subaru UK are suggesting they might not use this method but could use a download and USB or worse still a return to the garage for each update. I’m entitled to 3 years of updates which I’d supposed to be every 6 months but have been told this is most likely to be every year, so my first update when it arrives will only bring the maps up to an accuracy that I’d have expected when I picked up the car. I’ve already requested that the “free” map updates should be extended by a year to cover the inaccuracies that currently exist. So four months in a still waiting for answers, pretty poor customer service I think.
  24. Looks likely that the leather has been caught or pinched by the seat base, how old is the car “warranty”? Not seen this before on any car I’ve owned, I’ve had a seat swab collapse and considering my fame and weight it was deemed a manufacturing fault.