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Scotland Exhaust Help.

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Hiya all.


First post, my car is an old Outback 2009 2.0 diesel. It is used as a a van effectively to carry all my tools,( I do sash windows).

I had a problem with my exhaust, was quoted £1300 for a new one, the garage suggested that I consider a custom made one. My First thought was it would be too expensive, but I got on Google and found two garages that did them. One could not do it for 3 months, the other http://www.elitecustomexhausts.com/ said they would phone back the following day, they called as promised and I arranged to go and see them after Christmas, an hour later they phoned to say they had a cancellation if I could get down that afternoon, it is an hour from me so I said OK and went down.

They had quoted approx £600 for SS, and £380 for Mild steel, this was from the bottom of the downpipe back, one rear box on mine, anyway I arrived and they started on the car, no waiting area due to covid so I wandered to a nearby Asda for a coffee. 

They then called me to say most of the exhaust was ok but for a couple of sections needed repaired, they could do this and the cost would only be £122 incl Vat. 

I just thought I would share, they were very professional in my opinion, I would have been happy with the full new MS replacement and would not have known otherwise if they just went ahead, but for them to treat me the way they did was much appreciated.

The owner explained the process, they use a certain paint to help the heat transfer from SS to MS, they used SS to do the repair, I hope I am remembering this correctly hut they were very thorough, if you knew more about this stuff they would be happy to answer any questions before you went ahead.


All the best for 2021 to everyone.

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