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P0500 & low range issue


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I’m not sure if these issues are connected at all but when starting the car (2008 Impreza 1.5r) both the engine management light & ABS light came on.

my long range lever doesn’t seem to be doing anything either, the “LO” light doesn’t illuminate and there is no difference in sound where as when used normally has a bit of a whine, last used it yesterday when getting out of a snowed in driveway.

I did a quick code read and got a P0500 code (see image attached) .  Could these two issues be connected or just coincidence?

The P0500 refers to an abs sensor on the hub? Does “A” indicate a particular wheel or is there a way of checking in the driveway or should I take it to the garage?


many thanks in advance.



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Here is some information - the ABS sensor is on the wheel but the speed sensor is on the gearbox, they can be tricky to get out as well because the plastic goes brittle.

I wouldn't know if it has impacted the Hi Lo function but it would not surprise me


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