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GC8 genuine STI carbon fibre strut brace - brand new old stock


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Hi all,


I'm sure I have one of these brand new in my mums shed!  I recall buying it for my P1 but never fitting it, so will be clearing out the shed this weekend to see what's in there.

What are these worth?  I honestly can't recall whether it was a carbon STI one of that other tuning company the name of whom I cannot recall!  Maybe GReddy?


Anyhow, I'll have a dig and find out what I find!

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Hi Jay,

Like I stated, once I manage to get over to my parents and clear the shed out, I'll find it (if there) and bring it home with me.  I can then take pictures etc.

The more I think about it, I feel it was Trust or GReddy as I recall blue parts on it as opposed to pink.

Not sure why I keep thinking carbon fibre though...

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