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Gen 4 Postlift Sedan Rear Foglight location


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As the title suggests I am trying to work out where the foglights are on the gen 4 postlift sedan (spec b if that makes any difference at all). I recently bought the car and found that one of the license plates bulbs are non functional and the reverse lights are not working (assume the 6 speed reverse switch). But now I have noticed that the rear foglights also don't work.

Checking the manual that came with the car it assume prelift headlights and is not that much use but I was wondering if anyone could help me find the rear foglights. Not sure if they are within the rear bumper reflectors but I have not been able to see any globes behind the plastic or if they are part of the rest of the lights?

rear picture for reference 🙂


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The reverse light should come on with ignition on but engine off and putting the car into reverse. I would say it is in the clear part of the lense.

A quick look under the bumper will show if you have wires going to the reflectors indicating fog lights.

Your fog lights def do not work, you have tried switching the on with engine running and your headlights on, not just side lights?


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No worries, I plan on lifting the car this weekend to check for any rust and other issues anyway so checking under the bumper sounds like an easy thing to check.


I was unaware just engaging reverse with the engine not running would work, will test that and get my multimeter out.


Yeah foglights are the weird one, I turned them on and can see the light on the dash light up but nothing changes at the back of the car. Fronts work fine but when flicking on the rears nothing seems to change.

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