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Cobra Monaco S Bucket Seats


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Right guys,

As the title suggest this is a question about bucket seats.

Managed to pick up two of these for a rockbottom price. and i know a few guys running them in track fiestas, and they are very comfortable for knocking around the track.

So i picked them up as intending on making myself an office chair for my house, BUT debating if i have two why not try and fit them to the Subaru for when i take the scooby to Germany for a few laps ;)

anyone used these seats in a subaru and what their thoughts are to getting them fitted in and out? would be adding a harness obviously with either mounting to the car or via a harness bar strapped across the rear seats.

Oh and if anyone knows someone with the mounts i would be interested as I only have the seats with side bar runners without the subframe mounts so need to pick one up to try it out first lol

Any info appreciated guys and hope everyones having a good weekend :)



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I've not used them or ever fitted them. But I've been tempted with the office chair before :D 

But seeing as you have 2 seems wrong not to have a look at fitting them. I think it was Rollermite got a new set of seat's not sure if he ever got them fitted but he has a classic shape 

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Dogma had a set in his first classic wagon, standard belts wee a pain to get clipped in but they were very supportive, not the comfiest for long distance journeys for me bit I do suffer from a bad back, they do sit a lot lower to the floor than stock and getting out can be er interesting but I'd happily run them in a road car as a daily

A word of caution regarding harnesses, you can't have them bolted downward behind the front seats, they must be bolted straight back or 45 degree angle, also if your using a harness bar on the b pillars make sure you don't need the seat to be that far back or you'll end up either wasting a harness bar or a very a quashed driving position

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See ive been in them for track days in the fiesta's and i found them supportive but as you say on a long journey....different kettle of fish altogether.

If i can retain the existing seatbelt i probably will for now, have spied a harness bar made for the blob which allows you to fit it at full extension (im 5ft10 anyways so dont need it all the way back with GANGSTA lean on... lol) will need to measure it all up and see what the craic is :)

And ill just park far away from people getting in and out.......so i dont have a celebrity flashing moment......especially being scottish, dont want anyone seeing up my Kilt lol :D

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I'm 6'5" so it's a major issue having the seat quite far back for me, the problem getting out is the lowest to the floor means your leg position getting out is more horizontal than vertical so it's tricky, top that to the boxed in !Removed! scenario and it takes some getting used to, Dogma had the fixed part of the lap belt going through the lower side hole in the seat

If you have a habit of putting your mobile in between your legs you'll find it drops through the hole in the seat base lol

As for comfort there are cushions you can get for search seats to make it better for each driver, I can't see why you couldn't use them with cobra seats

I've got 2 brand new reclining bucket seats in the back of the garage, the wife bought them for me 6 years ago and I refused to pay over £100 for each subframe to fit them :-(

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