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Air conditioing pump compatability

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Unfortunately my pump (and dryer) needs replacing and i'm struggling to find suitable replacements in the UK.

I have a 2014 Forrester XT (petrol, auto)

The current pump is a Valeo 73111FJ050, i've found a few on the following site but their OEM compatibility number is slightly different (last three digits). Does anyone know if these are ok? If not where I can find a replacement? Also any pointers on where to locate a dryer would also help.


Thanks in advance.

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Pick up genuine pump used pulled from crash damage salvage, same pump used on few models such as xv and likely get newer pump such as 2016 or 2018 and half the cost of cheap brands that likely not fit .

Just put the subaru part number in eBay .

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@Mr B that's not a bad shout but it seems like the process of draining and re-gassing is as expensive as a replacement pump so if I installed a used one and it has an issue it's a costly mistake. Bearing this in mind I would rather pay a little bit more for a new or refurbed unit. My problem is knowing what is compatible...?

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Buying not very old and from crash salvage it should be fine, I do this for a living and would trust genuine low use oem over new aftermarket.
If you see how many faulty aftermarket parts (even top brands) we have had in a month you would faint.
For starters, alternators, power steering pumps and aircon pumps used genuine best way go especially when talking about parts only 3 to 5 years old.
Pump fitting is quick and easy on these but re-gassing is the cost, shop around for that.

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