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Timing Belt advice

David Wilkinson

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Hi everyone 

I am looking for some advice for my 2.0 sohc n/a legacy mk2.

The last time I did the timing belt I also replaced idlers, tensioner, water pump and the front crank seal.

Since then it’s done 40k miles.

Is it just the belt or will it be wise to replace more? Also what brand is worth going for?

 Thanks for your help 


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Really depends on what parts used last time, if OEM japan parts then just inspect and replace anything out of spec (which unlikely at 40K)
If aftermarket stuff then good chance all best replaced .
I only use mainland Japan OEM idlers/tensioner, water pumps we use are ADL Aisin or Genuine, anything else probably more likely fail than an old original .
For belts I like Dayco, Aisin or Genuine . Not big fan of Gates kits, lot of the parts poor quality .

ICP good source for OEM idlers/tensioner at sensible money ...

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