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Hi I’m Mel with a 2010 Subaru legacy diesel estate, I love it altho clutch went in first couple months, had replaced… 3 warning lights come on dash…on purchasing a fault finder it was showing glow plugs altho no issues with starting or power. On further investigation someone had looped a chunky wire in the 50amp slow blow fuse….do I need to get the glow plugs done urgently with these warning lights and would like some advice to get the job done properly and to avoid being ripped off… thanks… I’m in north east Somerset…. 🤗

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Wotcha and welcome,

Not got a scoob diesel myself however on my diesel van issues with glow plugs were traced to the supporting relay, so the issue may not be the plugs themselves. Dependent on mileage it may be time to replace them anyway??

The jumper instead of a fuse is not great - indicates an earth somewhere which def needs investigating as an earth can turn your wires into smoke generators - this is not fun and makes a funny smell

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