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Impreza type r


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Any ideas please. I have a 98 v4 type r sti with a built engine, it was going good but now you could start the car and its going on 2 cylinders but will come back on all 4 after a couple of minutes. After it comes onto all cylinders if I stop it and then start the car later on it will be on all 4 still but you could go and start it again and it's on 2 cylinders. I have done a compression test and all good, blow down and all good, changed the ecu and it still does the same, changed the coil pack, spark plugs and leads still the same, changed the igniter and its still the same. Now I'm out of things to try has anyone any ideas please 

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Have you done a classic self ECU code check and did any codes come up if you did ?

Theres a "how 2" in the tech section on here, if you haven't checked for codes and reset the ECU .

Few things worth checking...

Spark plugs ... check gaps and colour , as this might indicate a lack of spark (wet with petrol ) or bone dry (lack of fuel) .

Check engine loom plugs (near clutch slave and battery) , engine loom earth (near fuel hard line to fuel filter connection on the inlet ) and injector plugs .

Are all free from corrosion, splits in insulation and plugs /bolt are a snug fit .

If mechanical compression and timing are good , hopefully it's just something loose or a corroded terminal causing intermittent a loss of spark or fuel .


Was the engine running fine before or is the build running in and only had the issue since the build , bud ?

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