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Does anyone know my car from the past


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Hi guys We have had this Impreza for almost a year now, purchased as a major project have almost got it roadworthy but with still lots more bodywork tlc needed. We were just wondering if anyone knows the car from the past as she is pretty unique and it would be nice to hear some of her history before she was neglected to the sorry state we bought her in. We got her from High Wycombe last June but she has a shadow of and old car club members sticker on the rear windscreen which is Sounthern Subaru. Please get in touch if you know anything about her. Thanks from us. 




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Hi thanks for your reply, Yeah I don’t normally like the wagon but with this kit on she looks stunning. She doesn’t look quite like this anymore tho we have made some modifications I will upload pictures when it’s finished in a week or 2 still got a few finishing touches to do before her MOT on the 7th and even then we won’t be done but she will be roadworthy which will be nice after her being off the road since we purchased her and bought her back on a recovery truck last June. 

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