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Intake/Vacuum hose problems

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I "inherited" an unfinished project '99 turbo 2000 Impreza car that I have been putting back together for the last year and with the help of so many forum i have manged to get her almost starting. I have put her back together to the best of my ability and google knowledge but am now stuck with the vacuum/intake piping that i can't figure out.

I have taken a bunch of picture and created a "diagram" and would really appreciate some help if anyone could please.
There are a few pipes that go nowhere and some that look like they should be connected to something but aren't.

In the image
Blue lines are the vacuum lines
#1: Not sure where it goes, think it goes to the fuel tank
#2: Not sure where it goes
#3: Capped off (blocked)
#4: Not connected
#5: Not connected on either end
#6: Capped off (blocked)

I can't find a diagram for my exact model, only some bits of each diagram being simpler.
I couldn't get the image to upload in any format other than PDF, sorry.


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I made an easier to read and hopefully better diagram

I think that I need to do the this but not 100% sure

5 goes to 7; 3 should go to the return on the "BOV"; 1 should go to the vacuum for the "BOV"

My Diagram.jpg

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Hi there, I've been down to my garage to have a look at the pipes on my engine, I'm not sure if it's the same as mines is a '92' v1 but here goes, 1 goes to boost gauge and to solenoid, 2 goes to dump valve/recirculation valve, 3 is the crankcase breather pipe, 4 to dump valve/recirculation valve mines is blanked off because I have a dump valve fitted, 5 not sure as I don't have that port on mine,6 cylinder head breather pipes, 7 I think loops to the map sensor, 8&9 go to 2 little pipes which run under the inlet and go to vacuum pipe at throttle body and to the pipe to the right hand side of pipe 1 when looking at it from the front or the n/s if you were sitting in the cab, I took these pics if they help.20210526_160008.thumb.jpg.7ccfdb73b22bb91e2696169a9271f844.jpg








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