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Suitable suspension for WRX STI 2005 Widetrack Blobeye


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Good evening all!

I am hopefully looking to get some more information surrounding the specifications of the suspension for my Impreza WRX STi Type UK Blobeye Widetrack model with PPP. I have been struggling for a while to find OEM or equivalent standard springs & shocks for my model given it being the last UK blobeye model with the 5 x 114 wheel fitment. Would anyone be able to help at all for where I can obtain some original suspension parts? I am trying my absolute best to keep this car in its original condition as I love the stock look and want to keep it looking its best. 

Thanks all! 



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Did you find anything? I've got to replace my rear shocks on my 2005 DCCD. I was going to go with KYB but I've just had a response from Scoobyparts saying "Apologies but we don’t stock the KYB ones as they are exclusive to Subaru. We do however sell the Tein version, which is suitable for the DCCD"

Now i'm even more confused as most have recommended the KYB's. I was also recommended the Pedders but two garages have now said not to use them and to use KYB's instead

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