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Subaru impreza 2007 starts then after awhile dies


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Hello, i am having an issue with my 2007 subaru impreza hatchback. The car will start normally but die and even pressing the gas pedal it immediately loses power, trembles and dies. I tried changing the gas pump since the old one was not good it still dies. I tried changing spark plugs since the old ones were worn still the same thing. I tried cleanning the MAF sensor and changing the O2 sensor still the same thing. I tried using another throttle body to see if that could be the issue and still it would die. I brought in the car to scan and nothing came up on the scan tool and there is no check engine light on the car. What could be causing this problem?

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It'll most likely be the tps plug. 

Get an oring pick & remove the white slider thing from inside. Then the little tabs inside can be bent slightly whilst tugging on the wires, they'll pop out.

the female connectors will have got wider, so making poor contact with the tps connector male blades.  

On each female connector there's a little square opening on the side, you can use an angled pick to bend the tab back in so the hole is tighter.👍🏻

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