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Hoping for Scooby no.5


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Hi all,

A hello from the Kinross area. Currently on Scooby no.4, a 2013 2.0D legacy estate which I think is a bit of a rare beastie.

Previously a 1998 legacy saloon, 2005 Forester and a 2012 BRZ. Had to sell the BRZ as I'd either die in a ditch or have my licence removed...

Plotting to go for a new Outback Field but as the legacy is still young and only has 95k miles I'm struggling to justify a new car just for some funky roof bars...


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BRZ was an interesting ownership proposition. Usual Scooby reliability, epic fun, handling and steering. However the flat spot in the torque curve, need to drop 2 gears to accelerate, the lack of soundproofing, a boring, non scooby exhaust note and the dull black interior were the downsides. 


Whether I'm just ill disciplined, but every open road ended up as a white knuckle ride, pushing far harder than either the law or my sense of personal longevity deemed prudent. I wonder if it was turbocharged whether I might actually have driven it slower, using the torque to make smooth progress rather than berserk redlining everywhere....


Miss it!


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