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EBC Pads fitment issues...?

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I have used EBC pads for quite a few years on different models, every so often I would try different brands normally as a package deal with discs as well.

Recently (last 3 years or so) I have been finding the fit out of the box is rubbish and I am having to file the edges to get the pads into the guides - It is like the hydraulic cutter is not cutting the metal backplate at 90 degrees but more 85? Now for the OEM standard replacement pads at £25 a set I was putting that down to price point vs quality but having just splurged the thick end of £250 on some yellow stuff pads I had higher expectations, 7 of the 8 pads (Fr & Rr) need filing to fit.

Any one else come across this of just me?

For the record I have had no issues with performance of the pads themselves, although I have just replaced Godspeeds on the front of the daily with yellow stuff so will be interesting to compare back to back - early result are comparable braking performance wise but the Yellow stuff seems to be a lot dustier



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