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Introduction and a WTB


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Good afternoon all,

I am a long time admirer of the Impreza and have test driven a few (WRX / Turbo's) but never taken the plunge. My interest started back in the 90's watching the WRC on TV and like most people became a huge fan of McRea and later anyone else driving an Impreza.

I have a history of Celica GT4's but dont hold it against me, I am now looking for my first Impreza

I have a quite specific model in mind, either a Green classic sportwagon WRX / turbo or a Gravel Express

I am based just outside of Leeds but willing to travel to view either of the above if they fit the bill



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Wotcha and welcome - I wanted a GT4 back in the day but finances could not quite stretch to it - had a 200sx instead which got me into just as much trouble 😁

Great that you know exaclty what you are looking for and I do think you will ned to travel as I have only seen 1 or 2 gravel express motors.. ever, quite the desirable model particularly with all the right bits still in place

Good luck with the search and keep us updated :thumbsup:

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Thanks Jay

Its a bit odd, when I was first looking for a "rally" car I couldnt afford an Impreza so bought a 1993 GT4 (ST185), I went on to have 2 ST185's, 1 ST165 and 4 ST205's 

Now the GT4's are very pricey possibly because they are all over 25 years old and can be imported into the US 

I should have bought the Gravel Express I spotted on eBay about 3 years ago but dithered about and let it slip by 

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