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Help with an AVCS problem


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HI Folks:  I have a 2001 JDM WRX (AVCS)  that I Time Attack and am located in Nova Scotia Canada. I am posting to this group as my car has a ot more in common with UK Subaru's than the North American versions.  I am hoping someone with AVCS experience can help me . 

For the past few months I have had some hesitation/misfire issues under load and generally when the  engine warms up.  The car otherwise runs quite well This problem has been hard to track down. The other day I put in a Tomei turbo inlet as the OEM one  had a slight rip resulting in a vacuum leak that I thought  might be the cause of the problem. Once installed, I noticed a check engine light but took the car for a short drive to see if the hesitation was fixed.  It still experienced the hesitation issue and then, abruptly stopped running.  It crank over but  would not restart.  The CEL indicated a camshaft sensor Bank 2 problem (P0340).  I also had a weird code (B3A02) that I could not track down.   I had it towed to my Subaru performance shop. They installed a new  crankshaft sensor which seems to have dealt with the hesitation problem (even though it never threw a crankshaft sensor code) and also installed a new camshaft sensor. It then ran nicely with no hesitation  BUT  the has no AVCS even with the new AVCS camshaft sensor .  They spent a lot of time (and I spent a lot of $$$)  trying to track down the issue.  I am no longer getting a cam shaft sensor code but the CEL stays on and the B3A02 code persists and can not be erased. I checked all the Bank 2 AVCS  wiring  as well as did a resistance check on the sensor.  The shop thought that I may be experiencing a wiring issue that I created when I installed the new turbo inlet??

Anyways, this is the short version of a long story.  I am wondering perhaps  if  a broken wire to the AVCS solenoid would  create the problem?  I am at a loss and would really like to get the AVCS back.  It appears to me that the  AVCS problem occurring immediately after putting  the new turbo inlet in is a bit too much of a coincidence.


Thanks for any suggestions!!


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Not sure what any of the code numbers are , as I mainly work on the earlier models.  I have owned and rebuilt a few 207's though .

The previous owner of my old v7sti fitted a aftermarket turbo intake and it caused a hunting idle and slight stutter when "rolling on n off the throttle " . This only went one the intake tract change was mapped in .

Avcs is controlled via oil pressure created by the avcs solinoids,  these can fail /seize but there is a serviceable "banjo bolt screen" that can become blocked .

I'd suggest to inspect the avcs feed banjo bolt filters and replace them . Then see if refitting a oe intake pipe or getting the new intake pipe "mapped in " and see if makes a difference. 

As the car could possibly be in safe/limp mode , disabling the avcs in the process .

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