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How to install rear fog lights?

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Hi I recently imported a WRX STI hatchback from Japan to Sweden and it needs to have rear fog light to pass inspection.

I bought and installed the rear fog light from a euro version, and a light switch stalker with rear fog from australia. Just plug and play except for the rear fog.

I have 2 reverse white lights which one is now cut. I am wiring a cable from back to the front of the car.

The question now is how to wire like OEM. There is also a rear fog icon on the speedo that needs to lit up as I switch on the rear fogs.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram or if someone can check their own car and see how it is wired?

And I can't just do the simple task of installing a simple button switch as there is some rules that needs to be applied.

Please help me out here thank you.

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Interesting I thought all modern Japanese cars had the fog lights fitted, were there definitely two reverse lights as there is the clear lens option but with a red bulb fitted?


Ill dig through my photos on when I fitted x2 reverse lights and moved the fog light to the rear reflectors.

The dash light is triggered from the stalk switch - In theory it should work as they tend to make one loom for all models, more efficient that way

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3 hours ago, Cloud1987 said:

Thank you for the pic. Is it on the right side?

I found the wiring diagram. I hope this will help. Means I have to remove much of the interior trim which sucks.


Yes this is on the RIGHT hand side (Off / Driver side in UK)

Yes you will be taking quite a few panels off unfortunately 😬

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9 hours ago, Cloud1987 said:

where does it go to?

The bit I have joined to is the 12v supply from the front of the car, I dont know if it comes directly from the stalk switch or if it is relay activated. The rest of it goes to the light cluster in the hatch (now redundant on mine)

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I have checked every cable involved and my car is prepared for rear fog from factory. But i still cant make it work.

What I think is wrong is that the car is from region Japan and the stalker is from region KA (Australia).

So I am going to switch some cables around and se if it helps. Because some are wired different depending on region and lhd/rhd and 4/5 door.



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What wont help is I found some of the cables change colour when they go through connectors - For example the cable actually going to the light in the hatch is a different colour to what goes along the length of the car. There is a connector mounted under the rear a pillar and the different wires meet there. 

I would start at the fuse panel and see what is there for the rear fog light. That might give you a colour lead to trace to the rear of the vehicle, you can also check for 12v when the stalk switch is triggered? 

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