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Long time Subaru fan and owner, 1st time here!


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Hello everyone, My name is Tom and I have been interested in Subaru since... since about 10 years old (34 now)! At 15 I started working at a Subaru garage and had the opportunity to get hands-on with plenty of Subarus from the surprisingly fun 3 cylinder Justy (I know it's a Daihatsu really!) all the way up to the Cosworth Impreza which was the last new car that arrived before I left. My first Subaru was sourced through the garage as a desperate measure when my MR2 disastrously failed it's MOT and my Racing Puma was off the road leaving me stranded without a car. A couple of phone calls later I arranged to take delivery of my first (and to this day, my only) brand new car, a 2008 Subaru Impreza R [last photo]. Whilst lacking a real boot and rear wing, and a turbo, my Impreza stayed with me for just under 8 years taking me to all corners of the UK and Europe and is the only car I regret saying goodbye to (I still have that Racing Puma and it's off the road again!). A short few years later I found myself returning to Subaru ownership with my 2017 WRX STI, which I found as a 1 year old car from a garage in Lincolnshire. 3 years of ownership and (until Covid hit) multiple trips around Europe I have every intention of keeping this car as long as, if not longer than my previous Subaru. My car is no garage queen, it is used for literally everything - even three 7 foot railway sleepers hanging out the rear for a 1 hour drive in the rain - and has never skipped a beat! So far I have only one modification which is a Borla cat-back exhaust system from America, it pops and bangs like a rally car but most importantly doesn't drone on the motorways which is perfect for me 🙂 I don't really plan to do much else at the moment.

I hope to find a home of Subaru enthusiasts and some answers to those questions I haven't yet searched up!



And my old Impreza with many many happy memories:


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Wotcha and welcome Tom - Great story, feel free to get stuck in, all friendly on here. I also had an RX inbetween turbos and it never let me down - is still going strong now as the inlaws daily so not gone far - it does have a spoiler though 🙂

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