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Manual Gearbox and diff oil change.


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Going to change the manual gearbox and diff oil shortly. Having a look on the net it looks as though that it has a diostixk and you have to refill it through there. Also is there a seperate transfer box to change the oil on? 



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OK so I think I've sussed it. It looks as though the automatic gearbox has a seperate transfer box but the manual hasn't. Anyway I've ordered the oil so will let you know how I get on. 

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     I run a 6MT gearbox 2016/2017 XV Diesel. I hate the gear change and don't think anyone will ever be stupid enough to buy this car if I tried to sell it privately. It's a long story so I won't tell it all. But it's dead easy to change down from 5th to 2nd unless you really concentrate all the time. Also sometimes the change refuses to happen which is embarrassing in traffic, the gear lever just won't budge, and you can easily land up in a lot lower gear than that intended. It's something to do with the strong setting for the gear lever to spring back to the center position and possibly a faulty assembled clutch from new.

Subaru wouldn't do anything about it. And, I have actually driven other 6MT gearbox Subaru Diesels that didn't do this.

I KNOW THIS IS NOTHING TO DO WITH OIL, but I actually CHANGED my gearbox and differential oils from Subaru Extra MT oil to Red LIne 75W90NS and 75W90 for the rear diff. Hoping this would solve the gearbox problems. It didn't, but the gear change is a lot faster. I did the same with a Fiat Punto years ago.

I hope there is someone out there who also has had the same problem with the 6MT gear change and can offer advice. Hopefully expert. But, on top of this, I was told initially in late 2016, by a local transmission expert with a good reputation that it was the clutch that wasn't built up correctly from new. He said he thought the clutch would fail within 30K miles but it's still there on 41K miles. But like I said Subaru didn't want to know.        

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