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  1. To continue with this subject of brake pads, and also an update on the my rear wheel bearings which I did in a previous posting. I sent for rear brake pads from Germany through Autodoc GMbh. They cost £33.20 including postage and 'safe order' return. Thing is I wasn't sure how many bits were in the kit. The make is Metelli, Italian, which is better than Chinese. They arrived today, and all there was in the package was 4 rear brake pads. although the inner shims were already fitted and maybe bonded on. Plus there was a general EU instruction how to safely fit brake pads in various language
  2. Iv'e got a similar problem with brakes but they are the rear one's this time. It's a fairly long story in that my local Subaru dealer 'conned me' by saying that my rear wheel bearings were slightly worn after the last MOT last May. So I got a set of new bearings and various tools including a Hub Buster, in all costing nearly £300. I attempted to change the bearings last Wednesday, only to find there was nothing wrong with them at all. Also the only tight wheel nut on the RH rear wheel was the security one. The other 4 were well below the 120 nm spec for torquing wheel nuts. During
  3. Hi, Images of hub buster if possible. Got it at 90% and 85%. Still offering download of manual if its legal? That's unless everybody has already got one? Thing is with not having a memory, especially at my age, I prefer to have a manual to refer to rather than having to keep looking back at YouTube videos. The manual has all the torque settings, but doesn't have the screw thread sizes or pitch which would be useful, or the spanner sizes.
  4. Hi, This Universal Hub Buster has arrived and looks like a serious piece of kit, being both robustly constructed and heavy. I believe it will be a great help in reducing rust to dust, and freeing off any seizure due to rust when removing wheel bearing hubs. Photo included. Also I have found my way around the factory workshop manual I bought with a download. Silly me didn't understand Adobe downloads enough, so there is a legend with all the various contents of the manual, which is over 4000 pages long, to the left of the Adobe screen. This manual will come in handy because I don't k
  5. Hi, Anyone tried one of these seen on youtube. You could actually Hub Shocker Hub Busters | Remove ANY Wheel Bearing Easily - YouTube make one. Don't know if the link has loaded OK, but a guy removes a XRX wheel bearing very easily. Trouble is it is in the USA. Well worth looking at.
  6. The Warranty runs out in April and Subaru will not change the bearing under warranty according to my local dealer. Apparently the 5 year warranty only covers the drive train and maybe the engine, but I'm not sure of that bit. They don't class the wheel bearings has drive train. Anyway it was picked up last year has slight wear in the MOT by the dealer. The exhaust was cracked also but Subaru did that under warranty, but like I said disowned the wheel bearings.
  7. Hi, Thanks for your help. I have been looking at a STARK bearing, which I think is of German Manufacture. I've been on their website and they claim it's a quality product. It also has a 3 year guarantee. The price is £112.78p on another website. Trouble is they don't mention if it's got a integrated ABS sensor whereas other bearing manufacturers do. So it's all very confusing. It was a lot easier to run a Punto. I was thinking of buying a long length if 13mmx150mm flat steel bar and drilling it to fit over the 5 hub studs and to clear the centre boss. I was then going to use it to stop th
  8. Hi, I have bought two downloaded manuals from the net and they are 4000 pages long, and I can't find the page I want for changing the rear wheel bearings on my 2016 XV. They are a rip off because they are for US/ Canada models. Doe's anyone have the info on changing rear wheel bearings on my model? Also is there a 'Hanes' type manual available for the model. I realise already that you can't get one for the diesel engine model. Regards,
  9. Iv'e just looked up the best anti-seize paste Iv'e ever used. This was at a power station, and it was issued to me because they had nowt else. It's called Rocol 797. It's classed as being dodgy for cancer, but your not going to use it everyday. The cost is £114 for a 500 gram tin.
  10. Hi, It all depends how much money you have got. I will probably replace the whole lot this time, but if you save the hub you can prepare it for a replacement next time around. With only 37K on the clock, I might be lucky that the rust hasn't locked things up yet. I don't have the facilities for an 11 ton press. Looks like these Japanese Geezers aren't as perfect as I thought they were. It's cheaper to run a Fiat Punto, but it's no good off road. I bet it's cheaper to run a Land Rover also, because of the popularity of the make. Trouble is they use a lot of fuel, and are said to be unr
  11. Hi, I must admit that I have never had the wheels off my Subaru yet. It's still under warranty till April. But there is more than one way to approach this problem. For a start Plus Gas is a far superior release agent than WD40. But obviously is best applied to run down vertically, which is a problem, before somebody tells me so. Also if things are really stuck fast you could actually reduce the amount of metal in your way by means of a angle grinder slitting saw. If you got near to the shaft then heat applied with a propane torch would probably help. A mechanical fitter would not ponce ab
  12. Hi, Having tried to obtain a manual on my vehicle without success, I came upon this club, which I'm very glad of because I'm going to be the owner of this car for a long time. The thing is is that my rear wheel bearing were starting to go at just gone 30K miles which I find quite disgusting because I haven't done any serious off roading in the vehicle. And my previous vehicle, a mere Fiat Punto 1.2L never needed any wheel bearings in 160K miles. I expected better from a Subaru. The price of a set of rear wheel bearings is also 3 times what I got for my old Punto when I sold it! I rea
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