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Grimmspeed Air/Oil Separator


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Am looking for some feedback on these. I like the idea of the AOS and the Grimmspeed one seems to be the easiest to fit. By way of background, I recently picked up a 2005 JDM WRX Wagon, with 69K miles on the clock. It’s a standard car other than an STi Genome rear silencer. It’s just had the timing belt done but I’m thinking that an AOS would also be a good investment, even though I’ll be keeping the engine stock (famous last words). Has anyone here fitted one or had one of these? Thanks in advance for any replies.

Grimmspeed AOS.jpg

Grimmspeed AOS parts.jpg

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A car I bought had a different brand fitted - It did not work, oil from the breather lines still found its way to the intake. I would invest in some catch tanks and set up a vent to atmosphere system, the tanks can be had relatively cheaply on their own from eBay etc

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