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Hello All

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Hi Guys and Gals


currently in the market for a used Subaru Outback or Forester i have at absolute maximum £5k as my budget and i have seen a good few 2010/11 models at this price or a tad lower. i am looking for some guidance or advice about buying a 2.0 turbo diesel model as we live a bit out in the sticks and want something reliable. i have had in the past toyotas, hondas and did own for a brief while a B22 scooby (mental stuff) but my ex made me sell it because it didnt suit her image !!!!!

Anyways i currently have an Audi Q5 and lets say its poo to be as kind as possible, so much for Audi build quality, to think they where amazing cars in their day but are now nothing more than Iphones on wheels these days, over complicated unreliable peices of .......

Anyways back to the Outback or the Forester, anything i should be aware of or any tll tail signs to watch out for while hunting for a decent and reliable one would be great.

A bit about myself, 52 yo ex squaddie served 24 years and now quite disillusioned with the current state of affairs (as i imagine most are) i work abroad in the middle east doing security which thanks to Corporate influence is now hardly worth it financially so i will be looking to return to UK at the end of the tax year, i live out in Charnock Richard, CHORLEY which is a really nice place (Compared to Huyton where i grew up) love the outdoors hunting (air rifle) fishing, camping, mountain biking, dog walking (GSD), motorbikes and keeping fit although a few drinks never go amiss when having tea at the firepit in the garden, looking forward to meeting a few people on here and exchanging notes cars, and places to visit.

cheers all



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Wotcha and welcome - The Subaru diesel product is not great, many failures recorded I would suggest a petrol engine instead. I also enjoy a spirited two wheel excursion 😁

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