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Glow Plug error P1380 - how to replace?

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Evening all,

Hoping for some advice please.

We have a 2010 Diesel Outback with 134k on and the other week the engine, stability control and hill holder lights came on and the diagnostic code that came up was P1380.  From searching on here, I think that all 3 are related to a glow plug(s) issue.  We’ve replaced the 50amp fuse, cleared the codes but the issue came back on next but one startup

After searching on here we tried to test the resistance of the glow plugs and out of the 3 we tested (couldn’t access the second on the drivers side) 1 had a resistance of over 2 which I think indicates a fault and a second one may also be over but my multimeter isn’t great!

So couple of questions please (assuming that the plugs need to be replaced):

1. Our local mechanic which we have used before says that to take the plugs out he needs to drop the engine off the mounts so it’s a fairly big job, is that correct? From what I can find/see, the plugs are on the right and left sides of the en

2. We live in Cambridgeshire, does anyone know of any garages/mechanics/auto electricians where they have had work done and they trust, ideally for Subaru/glow plug replacement?  Happy to travel (car does start)

3. I’m guessing that replacing all of them is the ideal solution?

Any help much appreciated and thanks in advance!


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