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Cobb Tuning Gear Knob


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Am thinking about getting one of the black, Delrin gear knobs from Cobb. Am therefore looking for some real-world feedback on these. Anyone using/used one? Thanks in advance! 👍

Cobb Gear Knob.jpg

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Decided to go in a slightly different direction and have just ordered a spherical knob from WC Lathe Werks. I love the looks, size and shape of the Cobb but one of the things I've been reading about them is their weight, or more specifically, the lack thereof. The Lathe Werks one is a little more expensive but comes with a brass insert which increases the weight and in the end, that was the deciding factor. Will post up some pics when it arrives but below is a pic from the website. 👍

WC Lathe Werks sphere with collar and brass insert.jpg

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Fitted the WC Lathe Werks knob to the stock shifter today and I love it! It looks cool, feels great and whether it's my imagination or not, it seems to have made shifting feel a bit more solid, if not easier. Can't wait to see how it goes with the Kartboy short shifter, that also came in the same box! 😁 

WC Lathe Werks 2.jpg

WC Lathe Werks 3.jpg

WC Lathe Werks 4.jpg

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